Watch decisions!!!!

  1. Ok, for those that were helping me decide what to spend my heard earned money on, I have another set of decisions!!!!!!

    As I said before Ive never spent big money on a watch. At the most I had a Morice Lacroix from my husbands shop.

    So the question is, what is the most fun watch to own for around or under $4000. I was looking at the Tag brand and liked the diamond bezel chronograph or the cheaper one known as Formula 1, maybe in black!!!
    Of course I am open to any suggestion, even blingless ones!!!!

    Also, any photos would be appreciated as I dont know how to link them myself.

    So girls, what do you think????
  2. The cartier Roadster will be my vote
  3. Thanks, I will definately be looking at that one when I get the chance to try some on!!!!
  4. Are you looking for something sportier/more casual or something that can go from day to night? :smile:

    Here are a few ones I like:

    Omega Speedmaster, 35.5mm
    Around $2750, auto


    Cartier Roadster
    Retails for around $4050, quartz (!!!)

    Here are the blingier ones:

    Omega Aqua Terra 29mm
    Retails for around $3000, auto

    Tag Heuer Link Chrono 33mm
    Around $3995, quartz. There is another model with only diamond markers, not the bezel for I think around $1k less.

    Sorry for the huge pics! Let us know what you get :yes:
  5. There are new Cartier Roadster Limited editions out right now that are beautiful:tup: the face is either salmon or baby blue and it comes with a bracelet or white band with the face color in a stripe on the band.
  6. Thank you sooooo much!

    I think it is between the roadster and the Tag diamond chronograph 33mm.

    The photos are beautiful. I dont know how anyone can choose just one!!!!!
  7. As a "daily beater" I'd suggest a steel Rolex.
  8. I think you should check out Omega and Bvlgari as well what has been mentioned. :tup:

  9. I think the searching is part of the adventure!!! Its definately good to have a project!!!! Im amazed at all the collective knowledge here on this forum!!!
  10. I'm rather fond of Concord. They have some gorgeous watches and aren't very popular due to the lack of branding/advertising but are still a leader in the industry and well respected. I love having a more elusive watch that I never see in public.
  11. roadster here also :smile:
  12. Hi!! I have the Tag Link Diamond Chronograph (the 'Uma' watch) and love is a larger watch but is very comfortable.
  13. I really like Ebel timepieces. You can check out their line at
    I also think a stainless steel Rolex is a great everyday timepiece. You may also want to check out Raymond Weil. They make great timepieces as well.
  14. I like tag heuer.
  15. I remember your story of how you bought it and how it was a splurge!!!! I really fell in love with it!!!! My Mum has chosen this watch as her next purchase after she comes back from OS. She is exquisitly trendy and young looking! I have to consider whether I want the same as we hang out together alot!!!!