Watch Collection - Cartier, Rolex, Tag

  1. Cartier Roadster with pink face. My fav right now. Although it seems to scratch much easier than my other stainless steel watches.
    Cartier Tank with MOP. My dressy watch.
    Rolex datejust. I would wear this more often if I didn't have to reset it all the time since its auto.
    Tag 6000. I wear this almost everyday. I wear it to the beach, swimming, tennis. Its taken a beating and still going strong. I've had it almost 10 years.
    Gucci. I've had this almost 20 yrs. Replaced the band once. Usually just wear it for evening.

    Next on my list to get is a white Chanel J12, Chopard Happy Sport/Beach.
  2. beautiful watches
  3. Gorgeous pieces. Good luck getting the J12...I love that watch!
  4. I love your tank. That's the first high end watch I would want. It's timeless.
  5. Beautiful collection!
  6. Im planning to get the roadster but am iffy about the noticeable scratches on them at the store. The metal seems so delicate compared to other SS watches. How would you compare it to a SS rolex in terms of being prone to scratches?
  7. I wonder if thats a common problem. I have noticed it scratch much easier than my other ss watches. The Rolex is more durable. It maybe because the links are shiney vs matte.:shrugs: The next time I'm in Cartier I'll ask if anyone else has complained.
  8. Mmmmmm, gorgeous watches!!! As soon as I saw the thread title: Cartier, Rolex, Tag - I thought, I am going to love this!

    You have beautiful watches. And fantastic taste!:yes:

    That is actually my wish-list for watches: I have a Tag aquaracer, a Cartier two-tone tank. My absolute TDF watch is a whitegold Rolex Pearlmaster.:love: Mmmmm. Will have to wait a bit for it though...:shame:
  9. I have a midsize SS rolex with a polished bezel and shiny links but no scratches yet and have used it everyday. Hmmmm....
  11. Omg - I would love any ONE of those watches, never mind all 5. The tank is my all time fave. Love it.
  12. Wow - I'm loving the Cartier's.
  13. Love your watch collection especially Roadster. I love watch too and my next purchase will be a white J12 .
  14. Wow, love your collection.