Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet...etc...

  1. my favourite combinations from a local star
    165965_249621488482052_468415488_n.jpg 269357_252567611520773_375107586_n.jpg 197798_252568204854047_859056644_n.jpg
  2. love this!!

  3. my stack of the day
    P300612_210(2).jpg P300612_665(2).jpg
  4. Tiffany's ball beads & No brand silver bracelet with Pandora heart charm.
  5. :smile:
  6. love ❤❤
  7. Stunning, girls!
  8. great stack TMD!
  9. Beautiful simplicity! Love this!
  10. today combi (^.^)
  11. Mine today :smile:

  12. Whoa love your stack very punk edgy! What is that second cuff?
  13. Thank you kiwishopper! the leather one is a Hermes Kelly double tour, and the metal bracelet is actually a silver and a gold Pandora without charms and using the double clips!
  14. Lovely stacks ladies!
  15. Love!
    I love both the bracelets!