Watch Boxes Question for those with H Watches

  1. Hi, I recently bought a 18K Cape Cod Ladies' watch. The SA, whom I did not like, put it in a flat braclet style box--like the one the silver chain bracelets come in.

    My question: For those of you who have Hermes watches, what kind of boxes did they come with? I want to know if I have a valid complaint to get a *real* box. Thanks.
  2. I received my watch today!
    I was given a choice by my SA either a flat one like the silver chain bracelet or the square box with the wood inlay, and pouchy thing. I told her I wanted to square box. I didn't buy the Cape Cod but just got the Orange Clipper.
  3. I am sure you can call and have them send you a box. Or call Customer Service and see what they can do for you.
  4. Thanks. Is there a separate "customer service" number? I don't want to call that boutique again. Its terrible. Thanks.
  5. the one on the website-----800 441 4488

  6. Congratulations on your Clipper BTW...Orange is so cool!
  7. mine came in a long wooden box.
  8. saligator, are you asking because you saw the wooden box in skim's post?

    When I bought my H-our watch with orange alligator strap, it came in the long orange box, also used for silver bracelets.
  9. Yes and no. I figure that watch was way more expensive than mine. I am trying to figure out which boxes go with which watches. The SA I dealt with was very unaccomodating and since it was an 18k watch, I figure it should have come in a better box--so I'm asking you all--to see!
  10. all my watches come in a square wooden box with the pillow and all have the diamond paper certs etc....
  11. I don't have any with diamonds from H but I have several leather and croc ones. My H watch came in a square orange box with wooden and toile insert. My croc and other leather newer watches came in identical long wooden orange boxes. I thought skim's box was rather nice. But that watch is probably really $$$. Call the manager and complain. That's what they're there for. If you received subpar service, let them know.
  12. Mine came in the square wooden box as well.
  13. any updates on the saligator?
  14. I've made some calls- we're in wait and see what shows up mode! Stay tuned! (Thanks again for your help.)
  15. Wooden box with pillow