Watch Box By Louis Vuitton

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    Good, artisanal handcraft ticks all the right boxes for us at Wallpaper* HQ. So when a luxury label like Louis Vuitton conjures up something like the One Watch Box, we get very excited.
    Louis Vuitton watches have an elegant simplicity of design, matched by up-to-the-minute technology and every wrist should own one. What makes this product so unique however, is the stunning box that houses the watch.
    Designed in the Asnieres workshop in the suburbs of Paris, the box is made from Nomade leather or Monogram canvas, hand-stitched in the form of traditional jewellery boxes from the beginning of the 20th century.
    The case doesn’t just look pretty though. It also contains a self-winding mechanism, which means every time you place your watch behind the glass porthole, it automatically winds it up while it takes a rest from you wrist.
  2. that's a beautiful piece!
  3. love the box. I really like the LV watches they are so elegant !
  4. Just love it!
  5. Like the watch....dont quite see the point in spending a large amount of money for the box though! I guess thats just me! lol
  6. i love it
  7. I like the self winding when in storage feature. You could buy two and just switch watches two times a year for daylight savings :lol:
  8. mmmmmmmmm.... Nomade leather... need I say more? :P

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. mmmm id LOVE the nomade nice