Watch Angelina Jolie New shiseido commercial!!!!!!!!

  1. Gorgeous!!!!!
  2. flawless!!!
  3. She is sooo gorgeous. I love her! :love:
  4. she is so pretty!
  5. Like looking in a mirror. :roflmfao:
  6. wow... she looks great!
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Wow... she is just beautiful!
  9. Wow she looks great in that commercial!
  10. oh my! she's so unbelievably gorgeous and beautiful.... sooo sexy...:drool: get me one of those integrate lipstick! :graucho:
    thank you so much for posting... just absolutely love her!!!
  11. Absolutley NO-ONE can say she doesn't look hot in this ad. It's flawless! I think I like her eyes more than her lips :biggrin:
  12. She is pure gorgeousness in this add.
  13. She is gorgeous!!!