watch advice for young college male

  1. This would be my first foray into the Jewellry forum...but I am researching watches (to possibly purchase one ;)) and I wanted to get any of your advice(s).

    Here are the pertinent details --

    *I am 21, live in a warm climate, dress very casually, rarely get "dressed up"
    *I like classic, clean looks...nothing too flash or bling
    *I am not a huge fan of round bezels...I prefer square/rectangular
    *I like steel/metal bracelets, leather feels too casual (although I am open to change on this one)

    *****I have about $2500 to spend...which I know is low in the world of watches*****

    I have always liked the Hermes Cape Cod (and with steel bracelt, I believe it is in the low $2000s), and my friend has the Longines DolceVita, which is also very clean and classic looking (and about $1000 less than the Hermes).

    Any suggestions? Should I go for the more expensive H, or is it just paying for the name? Or should I scrap the whole idea and save up for a nicer watch later on in life? Everyone who i've spoken with on the matter has said that a watch is a man's best accessory (although I am partial to bags)...

    Thanks in advance...I hope this thread doesn't get banished to the bottom of the pile :p...

  2. I completely agrees with this...a great watch looks so chic, modern, & important on a man. If you get a really great watch from a reputable name then you will have it for a lifetime.
    Have you considered any Cartier?
  3. cartier there is a square steel with leather for abouth 2500 $ ...


    bulgari ...

    thoses two brands .. THE best watches !
  4. Personally, I'm a fan of this idea. You say you're in school ... I vividly remember what goes on at school ... what if it gets stolen, broken, lost?

    I guess I'm conservative, but I wouldn't want to take the risk in a college environment.
  5. I think you should buy a nice - life watch that doesn't go out of fashion !
    cartier for me is the best choice ...

    Where it in school and show it off .. thats the time ... no later .. you'll live once ... spole your self ...
  6. you guys are so funny! I agree with all of you...I will look into Cartier...all I can find online is stuff that is in the $3500 range, but I've heard that a basic tank is within my range (?)...

    and to lori - i completely understand your sentiments, but I am actually at a very small (800 person) college and I live off campus, so hopefully that wouldn't be an issue.

    Thanks to all for the input!!! You all have some gorgeous timepieces!!
  7. How do you do to see the price?
    When I go to the cartier website they do not show it...

    The Hermès cape cod is quite nice too, I've tried it at the Hermès store with a "bracelet double tour" and she was AMAZING! But I have to admit that Cartier is the best ever for whatches and [SIZE=-1]jewellery[/SIZE]. I do not like Bulgary (mainly because I'm French :p )
  8. the Cartier Santos might be a little over your budget. check out the Tank Solo. it can go from khakis and polos to black tie. its understated, sleek, rectangular and classic. very Cartier.
  9. FYI ...

    cartier raise up there prices every year by 7-8% ... So you better buy it now ..
    the watch that's worth 2,000 $ today will be about 2,640 $ in three to four years ...

    its classic +timeless + watches + wawooo = cartier
  10. Cartier ~

    Ever checked out Omega?
  11. Hmm, I guess I should stop in at Cartier while I'm in London this week...just to check on those styles ;)

    deluxe - thanks for the input...I definitely want something the tank solo might just work

    Mira - very interesting, I didn't know that about Cartier. Thanks for the info!!

    Aqua - the cartier website has no prices, but a lot of 3rd party websites show "retail price" which sometimes can be 10-20% higher than the actual retail price...for what reason I don't quite know

    Thanks to everyone else who replied! You all are wonderful!
  12. A Tag Hauer is perfect for your budget and age.
  13. Be careful, the tank solo is really the first price, so this watch won't have date criteria, or hand second (I know, this is secondary but I consider this as a really important things on a watch and quite usefull nonetheless!) among other things that you would like to get on a watch of this price. (from what I've seen on the Cartier website)
    Plus be warned, Cartier' price for watches maintenance are really rude (like 300 $).

    Do not forget to tell us which one did you get and show us picts!!!
  14. I second the Tag Heuer. I think it would also be a more durable watch, which would definitely be good for a college student. I'd wait for the Hermes, Cartier, Bulgari, Rolex, etc., until you're out of school and perhaps need a little reward for yourself because you got a big promotion or something!

    I have to tell you, I also love the mens' Michele watches. They run between $1200 & $2000. They're classy and sporty all at the same time - great with jeans or a suit.