Watch 20/20 tonight

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  1. ABC News: Hunting for Handbags, Finding the Fakes

    our little Balenciaga is mentioned!

    I posted this in the t.v. thread too, but don't know how many of us see it. Let's hope it is airs tonight!
  2. Oooh! Thanks!
  3. wow, i wish i can see the program, i am in sweden!
  4. Thanks, this sounds like it will be interesting! I wonder if they will mention E-bay and the fakes there.
  5. Oh, sweet! I'll have to Tivo it.
  6. O:huh: fun! I'll be watching!
  7. please report for us that can't see it later? :yes:
  8. Thanks for posting! I've bought a Dior saddle from Decades II mentioned in the article:yes: .
  9. Very cool, I usually watch 20/20 at night but sometimes forget.

    I'll definitely tune it tonight. Thanks!
  10. Tivo! Thanks for letting us know!
  11. no problem..we must share the love....20/20 will receive high ratings tonight if we all watch it...
  12. Yes please, can't watch with hubby ha ha!!!!:p
  13. LOL!! Definitely!
  14. ooohh interesting, i'll be sure to watch before i head to work...thank you for posting, eeyore!
  15. I will set my DVR as soon as I get home!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.