wat is this bag ???

  1. so i just browsing around and saw this pic in tpf...anyone know wats this bag is..cos i never seen this in the lv website tho.......its defenately wat i really want...big bag with zip and no vachetta bottom....so so so perfect
  2. I believe it is a Luco tote, But it was discontinued last year some time.
  3. Hmm :/ I thought it was the Cabas Piano at first.. but I'm definetly stumped !!
  4. discontinued......why......this is so perfect ...dont u think....cos i just wonder why lv hav so many model and yet none really ....this is really wat i want long long time ago....
  5. I'm sure if you call 866 they will be able to find one for you, it's discontinued but some stores may still have some in stock.
  6. its luco something.
  7. Yup, that's the Luco.
  8. Piano has a leather bottom. This is the luco.
  9. I know, the shape reminded me of the Cabas therefore when I saw no vachetta bottom I was stumped..