Wat goes with your H ?.

  1. I'll been wondering. Do any H TPF'er wear non designer clothes? My only vice are designer purses. But when it comes to clothes i am thrifty. My clothes budget range from USD20-USD200 per piece. No more.. But i see many TPF members with clothes that can buy me another non H bags. Am i the only 1 or somebody else with me?..

    Me(on the left) with my familiy and my bbag. This is wat i usually dress like.
  2. I don't think the price point matters. I think its just how you put it all together. Jeans and Kellys are great together. H bags, as with other designer bags, can be dressed up or down.

    Anyway, no one can tell you what to wear your H with. ;) As long as you're comfortable right?
  3. LOL! Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gypsy Rose, American Apparel, Anthropolgie, and J. Crew are my best friends.

    I do buy from Net-A-Porter, Yoox, and Neiman Marcus a few times a year but for everyday and dealing with my children it's usually Old Navy/J.Crew things. In France I'd get some everyday things from Zara, Kookai, even La Redoute.

    When I'm thinner I like consignment & thrift shop items too(much to my mother's horror)...They're hard to find in my current size. Having three children in 5 years turned my weight into a roller coaster. I have some designer pieces (Chanel, DVF, Chloe, Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui etc) that I can't even squeeze back into yet.:nogood:

    I've gotten 'cheaper' about my clothing than ever with the size fluctuations.:s

    I do like designer or more expensive lines for coats, formal, shoes & boots, bags, jewelry. Around the house, I can be happy in overalls & bare feet.:shrugs:

    Eta: I also spend a ton on perfume, books, coffee and tea. There's nothing left for clothes!:lol:
  4. If I am very rich, I don't mind spending lots of $ on clothes, like some tpfers, they wear very pretty Chanel suit, Hermes outfit, which look very gorgeous! However, I am a housewife with limited income (from DH), so I can only spend my limited budget on branded bags, shoes and small pieces of jewelry. I also spend USD20-200 on each piece of garment, and sometimes (a few times per year) a little bit more, esp on Jackets. I sometimes do shop for Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Christian Dior, but only a very very few pieces in my closet.

    I normally wear a non-branded cardigan or T-shirt (juicy couture or Jap brand or Hong Kong or Korean brand), with a pair of jeans (either D&G or Valentino).

    I do feel very happy spending most of my time shopping on budget clothes, but they don't look too cheap on me. I love shopping in small boutiques selling non-branded Italian made clothes.

    chpwhy, you are not alone! Maybe my clothes are more inexpensive than yours!
  5. Dress how you like! I never wear clothes that top the 200 mark either, otherwise I would not be able to afford anything H!
  6. Same here!
  7. Same here!
  8. ITA! Looking good & feeling good supercedes whatever's written on your clothing label.:yes:
  9. money is irrelevant when drssing fantabulous. as they say money does not = style. while i do have some designer pieces i am a real fan of zara and my tailor both relatively affordable and what is most important they fit right (on me) believe me without a good fit nothing looks good but a perfect pair of pants and a white blouse can look like a million bucks when done right

    so go ahead use your bags with whatever you love if yo are comfortable it will shine through and look radiant no matter what
  10. Third that^^^.
    I can go for the cheap tops (sometimes even prefer them over many designers) and cheap jeans. For all the rest I prefer well made designer apparel and especially shoes (in large quantity:rolleyes:). Shoes, Hermes and designer apparel break my bank, LOL
  11. Ladies before have said it already. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and looks like you. Most of my clothes come from H&M, Zara, second hand markets and such. I love a good bargain and older clothes are even of better quality. Couldn't afford H if all the things I buy were luxury brands.
  12. i've seen people that are brand named from head to toe and look cheesy as hell!!! yet, i've also seen people that just have a good sense of style and you wouldn't even know they bought it for less than 50 bucks....i always say, it's the person who wears it that makes it look good, not the opposite, for me, i only go for expensive clothes if it's for certain occasions...i buy expensive shoes and coats...i love quality...so sometimes that can be expensive...but for the most part...whatever you feel comfy in...
  13. Most designer clothes are cut too long for my Asian frame and look sloppy on me, without extensive alteration. While the materials may look beautiful, the only impression that people would get from ill-fitting clothes is that you dress poorly. I have found cheapie H&M blouses that make me look fabulous and skinny, while designer clothes costing 10-100 times more make me look 10 pounds overweight. So, go figure...

    Oh, but one thing that I find I need to spend money on are shoes: cheap shoes hurt! Not to say that designer shoes don't but a proper cut and design in good leather is important for the comfort of my feet.
  14. This is why I love tPF!!! I can relate to each and every one of you!! chpwy, Laboheme, Roxane -- I am in the same boat as you!
  15. Ditto! I do have a few pieces, shoes, jewelry but nothing over the top. I love my H scarves and am saving for my first bag, so am sticking with well made basics.. :flowers: