wat do you think of these?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Holy Rhinestones, Batman!
  3. I think they're a bit gaudy. *L*
  4. they remind me of judith leiber items. I love her stuff:heart:
  5. they are judith leiber
  6. They look like pieces of beautiful art, I would be scared to use them, but they would look great displayed!
  7. Not my style.
  8. Kind of reminds me of the episode from Sex and the City when Mr. Big gave Carrie a bird encrusted w/crystals or rhinestones similar to the purses pictured. She hated it!
  9. I like the top one, the bottom two not so much. I too was thinking of that SATC episode!
  10. Blackwidow- I just watched that episode on DVD last night !! I think they are beautiful little bags, but they are not something i'd buy or ever carry. Maybe collect in a china cabinet or something.....
  11. I kinda like the cat. I would never buy one but wouldn't turn it down as a gift though. LOL
  12. same--the top one is nice because it's not so tchotchy-esque as the others. if you had a super-glam evening even, like a benefit or whatnot, it would look fantastic with a long, teal grecian-style gown.

    the other two would just look like you accidentally brought your grandma's knicknacks with you (that said, they'd be kinda cute as knicknacks only).
  13. I love them. That being said, I don't know that I would every buy or carry any of them. But my inner magpie is very pleased.
  14. i like the fish :p
  15. Yes, they look more like a collectible than something that you could actually use.