Waste of money or not??

  1. Do you think it's silly to spend money (Over $600) on a LV cashmere scarf?? I mean, how is the quality of LV cashmere scarf? My burberry one only costs me a little over $150.....do you think LV scarf are worth it? I would like to hear your opinions! If you have some, why did you buy it? Thanks in advance! :okay:
  2. I don't have it but I've seen other people wear it and I love the way it looks. But then again I'm a LV addict so I might have just liked it because of the logo the scarf had on it. LOL
    I've never had the chance to try it on so I'm not sure of the quality. Unless it's of SUPER quality though I don't think I would spend that much money on a scarf... I'll stick with my Burberry scarf
  3. think it that way...
    cashmere is expensive by itself...in addition with vuitton can get pretty pricey...
    but if you like it and have the money it's not a waste at all!!!
    Actually I think they look absolutely gorgeous...
    Good luck Angel

    P.S you can't compare burberry with louis vuitton...different price ranges...
  4. Well, I think "worth" is a very subjective term.

    If you think that it is too much to spend, than you shouldn't buy it. If you love it and wish to add it to your collection - Do so!

    Louis Vuitton isn't known for their cashmere scarves as Burberry is. Cashmere is cashmere.. You are paying for the name and the design.
  5. well it really depends on your financial situation. I mean if you're loaded, what's $600 to you?? Now to me that's a car pymnt, so that's ALOT and not worth it.
  6. They are very pretty and probably a great quality double cashmere, but think you can find that quality cashmere for lots less with different designers as LV is not known for their scarfs
  7. I think the quality and thickness of the cashmere varies as there are different "plys" for some of their different scarves. I have a really, really, really thick scarf that my DH gave me last year for Christmas. It is the thickest, softest cashmere I have ever felt and I am a cashmere addict. However, I have felt some of the scarves in the stores and it really varies so I wouldn't say across the board that they are all "worth it" but you must remember you are not just buying quality but also a luxury name, KWIM?
  8. if the scarf looks irresistibly good on you, then buy it!
  9. I really wanted one, but that is expensive for a scarf.
    I made a deal with myself that I would check out eBay for a month and if I didn't find one by then, I would get one at LV.
    I found the exact scarf that I was looking for 3 weeks later for 365.00 and I love it.
    Give eBay a try, but make sure that it is authentic.
  10. OMG, it so is worth it I love my black one, Its perfect I :heart:love it!!!
  11. Do you really want it? If you do, just buy it :smile:
  12. Like all things LV, you have to consider what makes up the cost. There's no way that cashmere by itself would be worth 600$, you are buying the brand along with the material.

    So hey, it's worth it if you're buying it because it's an LV. It's not if you're just buying to get a cashmere scarf.
  13. ... to each their own. As much as I love LV, I wouldn't spend $600 on a scarf - but that's just me. :p
  14. Most people think we are wasting our money anyways when we buy anything that is Louie Vuiton!!!! But, if you like the cashmere scarf and don't mind spending $600 on it, then go for it!!! Don't forget that you may also have drycleaning costs as well.

    I love LV!! But, for myself, I would rather spend the money on an LV purse or accessory item (wallet, cosmetic bag, jewelry) than a scarf since I probably wouldn't wear it. But, if you really like it and if you always use scarves, shawls, etc., then go for it!!!! Post pics when you get it!!!
  15. Imo waste- If you love it tho, by all means get it!