1. I live in a 55 or older complex. Cute little rental units. There are 2 vents on the ceiling of my outside entry way to let heat out of the the roof area. There is a lot of unused area up there. The place looks a little like swiss chalets. Last year I noticed chunks of hornet nests on the ground of my entry way. I called and left a message for maintenance, but no response. My neighbor told me she gets hornets/wasps in her bedroom all the time. A couple of weeks ago I noticed them going in and out of the vents. I called maintenance again, no response. This week I'm finding what looks like miniature baby hornets in my living room rug. I'm assuming they are baby hornets. I called maintenance again and left a message. If I don't get a response I will let the management office know when I pay my rent. I'm guessing they probably have a big nest up there and that is their entry way. I don't want to wake up one day to a house full of stinging hornets.
  2. Oh geez! They need to get on that ASP. Hornet colonies can multiply so fast before you know it its something from a horror movie. As someone who has had to rid her property of a lot of hornet and wasp nests, I say this with passion: please call management Monday morning and raise a stink, and keep calling until they get rid of that infestation. Good luck!
  3. This is a problem, especially if you can be allergic to them. If you are now finding them in your house that is very serious since you can get hundreds of them in from a nest. I would send a certified letter to the management company, landloard and anyone else involved. Is the apartment unit registered like a condo with a homeowners association. I would also send them a letter too.

    In the letter I would write how you have tried multiple times to get them to correct this problem and it is a serious threat to your health and safety. Let them know that they will be responsible for all medical bills and damages done by their neglect in taking care of this problem.

    Is there a local newspaper/news station that helps people solve problems? I would call them too. The more noise you make the better it will be in solving the problem. I know too many people allergic to bee stings, this is bad.

    The vents on your roof area should be small enough so no bugs can get in them, perhaps request screening put on the vents too.
  4. I'm not sure what your question is, if there is one. Insects of all varieties are a fact of life and they are nearly impossible to get rid of completely. They can get in and out of holes smaller than you can see.

    I doubt they are baby hornets. They may be a different species or even a different type of insect. Wasps/hornets start out as larvae inside the nest and emerge fully grown.

  5. This is all excellent advice. Even if you don't think you are allergic to bees/wasps, full-blown life-threatening allergic reactions can arise suddenly after just a few stings. Both my mother and husband found this out the hard way after years of not thinking they were allergic.

    They could be small bees. If so they are more apt to sting than wasps and their bite is equally dangerous to the allergy-prone.
  6. I'd have to see them, but being in/on the rug, I'm thinking some kind of ant.
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    After reading Echoes post I don't think the insects I found were baby hornets. They were tiny. Don't know what they were. My neighbor does have problems with hornets getting in her bedroom. I am going to call the management office tomorrow. I know there is a nest up there because I saw pieces of it on the ground last fall. Just didn't know where it was coming from until a couple of weeks ago when I saw them going in and out of the vents. I read online they get aggressive in the fall. I just want them gone before they become a problem.
  8. That's what I was thinking. I found a carpenter ant in my living room Friday night. It was big.
  9. They had wings though.
  10. Are you sure they weren't swarming termites?
  11. No I am not sure. I never heard of swarming termites.
  12. My friend's house in Florida had termites. I guess they were the swarming (flying) termites, because they had wings. She said they were attracted to light and she found more of them on the windows then walls. It was one big mess. She had to get the house fumigated. She had to pack all her boxed food, spices, anything in her cabinets like sugar, flour, ect.... It was a big job. I heard that termites and carpenter ants can go together. In a house we rented in Florida I would always see carpenter ants by the sliding glass doors outside a atrium garden area. After we moved and the handyman was doing some work for the owners to sell the house he took one wall down in the garden area and it was full of termites.

    If you have swarming termites I hope the management company doesn't make it seem like no big deal and will not treat the apt. properly. Last thing you need is termited in your furniture which will follow you when you move.
    Either way something needs to be done now.

    Good luck.
  13. Some ants do have wings, but that may only be when they swarm.

    Termites are strange creatures. There can be millions of them you never see in the ground, trees and walls. The workers are white, but there are other members of the colony that are dark colored with wings:


    Here's a discussion from Orkin pest control on how to tell the difference: http://www.orkin.com/termites/flying-ants-vs-termites/

    But there are small wasps, hornets and bees also. I'm just not sure you'd see them on your rugs.
  14. There are city or state departments of housing which overseas tenants rights. (There are violations constantly in our paper so that's how I'm even aware of them.) Not sure which this would fall under.
    Find the organization in your area & file a complaint. They will be given a certain period of time to fix this & if they don't, they will be fined.
    You should not have to be living with this.
    Also wondering what other things are being neglected.