wasn't someone looking for an Eye Dare you?

  1. Woah that is really something else !
  2. Not to be rude, but that's a purse? It looks like luggage?
  3. i so cannot get into that eye line. it creeps me out! i don't think i like my bags looking at me. :smile:
  4. isn't that fake?
  5. I would love to buy this bag.
  6. mee too...
  7. I would too... I have been wanting this bag for the longest.... but it won't stay that low for that long... :sad:

    Michelle you should def. get it. I want a green Graffiti Keepall if I can ever find one...
  8. Man, that's a big bag.

    Is it a purse or luggage??
  9. LOL youre cute.. when you wrote that I was thinking of that m. jackson song.. "Somebody's watchin me..."
    I think its UNIQUE..i'd describe is as SHARP if someone asks me what i think.. open for interpretation :nuts:
  10. Um - I'd give my right arm for that bag ! Unfortunately no one is willing to pay me for it so I can buy this bag !:P

    It appears that the seller really does not have a total grasp on exactly what they are selling. Loved the question about the BIN!

    Man, if I only had some spare change laying around ! ~sigh~:cry:
  11. OMG!!! It's HUGE!!! I do like it but I can't see it being practical! If you travel with it then it will have to be a carry on! Imagine how HEAVY it will be after you put all the stuff in it?!:wacko: It is a great price though (if it's authentic)!!!
  12. hmmm...it looks kind f funny but i wouldn't buy it!:amuse:

    it is HUGEEEEE !:amazed:
  13. I love this if its real.
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