Wasn't someone looking for a stephen?

  1. I remember someone looking for a stephen but I couldn't find the thread so I just wanted to let whomever know there are two at the LV boutique in the Galleria mall. Just speak to Elaina (she's awesome). I know they have the leopard but I believe she said the mongram as well!?!

    They also the the embossed cuir in the carmel color! MMMMMMMM YuMMY!
  2. There are also mono & leopard Stephens at Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas, & one embossed Stephen. PM me if you want the phone #.
  3. That probably was me, thanks so much!

  4. ^^^Elaina is my SA too. Small world. She's great.

    I think I might go and check out the carmel embossed one :drool:

  5. OMG-really small world! I totally LOVE HER!! I refuse to deal with anyone else! Awesome! There are alot of Houstonians on this forum!
  6. No problem! I hope you get it! It is incredibly HOT!! :drool:
  7. Hi Syntagma! Love your new Avatar :yes: You're a beauty!:flowers:

  8. You're so sweet and you just MADE my day! THANKS!! :shame: :shame: :shame: