Wasn't somebody looking for a VANILLA Speedy?

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  1. Oooh, that is pretty!
  2. That is very pretty. Never seen the vanilla color before. It's in great condition too.
  3. wow!
  4. gorgeous!! I love vanilla epi!
  5. That's probably the best I've ever seen on eBay :love:
    It's a beauty... but I want a Damier bag so bad...
  6. oooh that's so pretty!!! and in excellent condition! Maybe Sandra will want this one instead of the lilac!
  7. YES!!!
    But I can't remember who!!
  8. yes!!! it's WELOVELOUIE!!! i'd PM her already :P
  9. Wow that's gorgeous! I've seen other pieces in Vanilla but not the speedy. It's in amazing shape as well. I might need to get me one of those someday. :love:
  10. Stunning!:heart:
  11. where's welovelouie???!!!!
  12. Go welovelouie, get it girl! OMG that bag is delicious, I just want to touch it :heart:3
  13. abandoned, it looks so delicious, just wanna eat it!!! just throw it on a cone and toss it ova here!!!!!! :lol:
  14. Beautiful vanilla epi speedy! In like new condition, too. Whoever gets it will be the lucky girl.
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