Washroom etiquette, do you flush it?


Do you flush toilet paper after you wipe or throw it in the garbage bin

  1. flush toilet paper after wipe

  2. throw toilet paper in garbage bin after wipe

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  1. i was over at a friends house yesterday, i live in canada.
    i was using their washroom for "the big" business.

    i was told to throw the toilet paper away into the garbage bin and not to flush it after i wipe.

    out of curiosity, how many people do that?
  2. Why do we get the weirdest threads started by people who never post?
  3. :wtf: I don't know what to say....
  4. .........wow

  5. i'm just curious as to how this conversation with your friend started in this first place haha

    was an announcement made that you needed to go #2 or what ? :smile: which would certainly bring up another interesting poll question..."do you announce when you have to go take care of the big business/"

    def. got a good laugh out of this thread ;)
  6. well i know someones house where they have printed out paper that says, "PLEASE DO NOT THROW PAPER INTO THE TOILET" and im like ewwww. its soooo nasty! i then found out they have horrid plumbing.. i flooded the toilet when i took a craper.. and i forget NOT to throw the paper in. ughh sooo nasty AND embarrassing. DF came to pump the **** outta that toilet. (literally!)
  7. Actually, I've heard of this before...I remember going to someones house and being asked to place it in the wastebasket. I felt awkward because it wasn't something I was used to doing.
  8. needless to say, they dump out the trash A LOT!! its nasty going there when aunt flow is there. :throwup::throwup::throwup: UGHHHH!!
  9. ^^

    And to the OP, this is a very strange question.... but I'll give you an answer.... I would recommend flushing all "used" toilet paper!!!
  10. :roflmfao:
    your posts amuse the hell out of me
  11. Too much detail!! :p

  12. i think we may have crossed that line already :tup:
  13. I uh.... I've never heard of this before. I guess I would respect the wishes of their house. Or hold it. LOL
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: omg this thread is HILARIOUS!

    To answer the question, I have never heard of taking a dump then putting the poopy toilet paper in the trash! I would hate the be the child who has the chore of taking out the trash...
  15. Ummmm, OK well since we're beyond the point of no return, I've traveled to a few countries where we were specifically told ahead of time that we should not flush TP. Let's just say that Canada was NOT one of those countries.
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