Washington University in St.Louis

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  1. I just recieved a letter in the mail from Washington University in St.Louis telling me that they want to send me their "College Preparation Checklist". And of course they had to add some self-advertising by saying that "when the time does come for you to select a college, I hope that Washington University in St.Louis is on the list." Anyways, I don't know much about colleges except for the prestigious ones like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, M.I.T, Duke, Emory, etc. and the local ones. So can anyone tell me what type of college Washington University in St.Louis is and if it is a good one? I'm just curious since they sent me a letter. Thanks!
  2. Washington University is a GREAT school. It was definitely on my list of colleges. I went out there to visit it and it really is beautiful! It's owned or it has an endowment from Budweiser's company, so that may be a problem for some. Also, some areas of St. Louis are less than desired, but that's with most cities.
  3. my cousin just began freshman year there! it's an effing expensive school, and i know because my mom is paying for her, but apparently it's a really good school
  4. It's very, very good. They all are expensive now!
  5. Yeah all the schools in my list of "schools I want to go to" are pretty expensive but I think it's worth it...I think lol.
  6. I've been lurking here for about a month but this post made me decide to register hehe. I just graduated from Wash U in May, and am now a first year law student at Wash U's law school.

    Wash U is a very good school - strong in many areas (especially the sciences). I think it's been wavering around being ranked ~ #10 lately (higher than some of the ivy league schools). The grad schools are ranked pretty high as well.

    Yes, Wash U is very expensive, but aren't all private universities? I had a partial scholarship for undergrad (and my parents luckily kicked in the rest) and I have a full-tuition fellowship for law school so luckily the high cost hasn't prevented me from attending. They are pretty generous with financial aid (need-based and merit-based).

    While the law school building is called "Anheuser-Busch Hall" the school is not "owned by" Budweiser by any means! They just made a big donation when the new law school building was being built. Every building on campus is named for some big donor. :rolleyes:

    I recommend visiting the school if you think you might be interested - that's what sealed the deal for me.
  7. Wash U is a great school, and like all private schools very expensive. It's about $45,000 a year including room and board. It's considered to be on the same level as my alma mater- just right outside of the ivy leagues. In fact this year, it's ranked higher than Brown University, which is ivy league. USNews.com: America's Best Colleges 2007: National Universities: Top Schools

    Investiage what you want to study & then see if Wash U. is right for you. I didn't apply there because they didn't have my department there.
  8. Well thank you everyone for your opinions and thoughts! I was just interested since they sent me a letter offering me aobut their "College Preparation Checklist". And to blue_green, it's great to know that my post made you decide to join this forum!