Washington Post article on Coach/Reed Krakoff

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  1. There is a really interesting article in todays Washington Post. It is about Coach and its evolution from staid preppy bags to is current position as pre-designer bags and accessories. It points out some of the issues we have discussed in the Coach forum re: Coach being a good value for some and an affordable luxury for others. It also give some insight into the background and philosophy of Reed Krakoff, Coach's creative director. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for sharing!:yes: Can't wait to read the article.
  3. Thanks for sharing!!! Great article
  4. A couple of weeks ago on CNN International they did a whole segment on Coach and its president and he turned the company around. It was really interesting!
  5. i have really learned a lot since joining tpf. great article
  6. Thanks for posting that link - very informative!
  7. Thanks for sharing this article! I love his concepts and how he's able to marry classic lines with affordability (although some of these recent pricier bags might be the exception!). I also think his comment about $9,000 bags was right on.
  8. Thanks so much for posting this, great article!!!:smile:
  9. For some reason, this was my favorite part....
  10. Excellent article! Many thanks for posting this.
  11. Thanks for the info. The article was very interesting!
  12. I was taking a peek at Coach's stock today and noticed a name on their board....Reed Krakoff. Fascinating info I'm the article referenced, even if it is dated. Glad I found it!
  13. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.
  14. this is all new info to me (and since the article is from 2007, i'm really outta the loop) so i googled reed krakoff and see that he is now an independent line...and the first tote is $4k...so i guess he got over his disgust of the overpriced purses that start at (gasp) $1000. LOL. It was made of python (um gross) but the majority of his handbags were over $1k and the cheapest i saw was $700.

    i found that interesting. smh
  15. He has done a great job. Stock price in the tank. I have had a really bad experience with Jax shuffling prices today. Be sure and check your receipts.