Washington, PA Tanger outlet, anyone been recently?

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  1. I haven't been since after Christmas and was wondering if anyone had been recently. I didn't see a thread already for it so I decided to post my own. I'm looking for something melon/salmon/coral in color but I don't like the Ali. Or anything satin. Has anyone been lately?
  2. I am supposed to be heading there on Sunday. If I see anything I will report back.
  3. I ended up going today, I was the only one in the store shopping! I should have took more time or took some pics. I was just so excited that they had what I wanted. LOTS of "geranium" their coral color. The purple leather Carly's were on a 50% off table and the ergo satchels were marked down too, $160 I think. The leather gloves were 50% off too, but I couldn't find any big enough, they all seemed like small ones that were left. The black photo frame key chain was in the 9.99 bin. They had a cream and a red butterfly, I think they were $24. And of course, all the new stuff that was in the other other thread. There wasn't much left in the 50% sections...
  4. I don't remember seeing any patchwork bags... Sorry.
  5. I bought this one (not my auction) last year during Macy's Friends and Family Event. I love the coral/geranium color!!!! Did they still have this bag?:


    I saw the patchwork weeks ago in Washington. The only patchwork in silver/gray I saw this weekend was a wallet and a swingpack
  6. They had that tote.. two of them, yesterday. I got these:


    I took this back, it also came in green.

  7. They had my brown bag (hobo) in Rose Pink and several colors left in the other one.
  8. anyone go this past week? I am thinking about going soon
  9. i am heading this weekend i think. i did call about sabrina, they said that they are keeping them all someowhere for 6 months before releasing to outlets. she also said that there wasn't anything new, but who knows? there was quite a bit for 50% off when i was there 2 weeks ago, hoping there is still lots to pick from....
  10. ok thanks!
  11. I went yesterday, they didnt have anything that really struck me, but I actually was there for a friend (who needed a gift for her niece and lives alot further away then I do, so I said I'd go look for her and didnt bring alot of money with me. :sad: But I did buy a pair of sunnies for 79! Ill post pics later... The new spring scribble is cute and the spring patchwork was on sale. Lots of signature, the ergos and carlys were half off....I so wish I had more $$ with me, but I so love my sunglasses, I had a hard time deciding I actually had a few fellow coachies give me some advice on which ones looked better!!