Washington DC

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  1. My husband and I are going to visit family who live in VA this Christmas. They have offered to watch our son (who is three) while we have a little getaway in Washington DC. I'm thinking maybe 2-3 days. Any recommendations for places to stay, eat, etc.? I have been several times, but that was when I was younger, so I wan't exactly going with the same intentions I am this time.

    Open to any and all suggestions!
  2. I did see that one! I didn't know if maybe there were any events around Christmas time, though. I am also looking for recommendations for where to stay. We would like to be pretty central, or at least have close access to the metro, since we will be doing a lot of walking around.
  3. I've only been there once, which was last month, so can't give you that many recs. We stayed at Dupont Circle Hotel which I thought was pretty good. BF went back last week for business and stayed there again.