Washington DC Neiman's

  1. I went to Neiman's today in DC and had promised a few people a report on what was in stock so here it is::wlae:

    1 pink from s/s in a city
    1 white first
    1 black first (not great leather though)
    Greige: city and oval (nice leather on both)
    Blueberry: day, puse, city, work, weekender, first (leather was hit or miss but fabulous on the weekender)
    Sapin: purse, city, first, day, work (all had great leather)
    Truffle: first, city, work, day, 2 purses, oval, twiggy (don't remember leather quality though-sorry)
    cornflower and printed hook bags
    a black quilted box

    Interesting observations:
    oval was as big as the firsts- alot larger than I expected
    Blueberry- color seemed to get darker and the leather seemed to get better the larger the size got
    greige- much more like a grey than I expected (I thought it might be more like taupe)
    No Rouge VIF (so I guess I still be surprised when my work comes this week although I'm starting to think I should have gotten a weekender. . . hmmm)

    If you have any questions post, and I'll be happy to answer. . . hope this helps someone!
  2. 0o0o0o SORRY - i moved your post into here!!!! :jammin: Please report all AWESOME finds in this thread!!! woop woop!!!

    :graucho: cheers for letting us know!!! 00o0o the fever!!!
  3. Thanks lacibraz. Was the pink city, the pale pink?
  4. yes- the pale rose. Nice leather too!
  5. They have some new stuff since the last time I went there. I guess I need to work my way back down there this week.
  6. So we're talking about the Neiman's out at Tyson's Galleria in Virginia, right?

    (Not the Neiman's at Mazza Galleria in Washington?)
  7. I think we are talking about Wisconsin Avenue. Mazza Gallarie.
  8. ^^^Really???? I didn't realize they started selling Balenciaga! This is BREAKING NEWS to me!!!!
  9. Yea I thought she was talking about VA, not DC. I think she just called it DC. Because the DC NM does not sell Balenciaga.
  10. In our dreams, huh Elongreach?
  11. Sorry, I thought she meant DC proper. I was also kinda happy thinking that Balenciaga was being carried in the DC store. Darn.

    I just thought DC mean DC. There is a difference.
  12. Tyson's Galleria in McLean, VA- sorry for the confusion
  13. Basically. Suli and I were talking about the fact that we have to travel 2 different places to shop. When I'm in Chevy Chase, I go to the freestanding Saks because they have the best bags. It's the exact opposite when I go to Tysons. I think they must do that so that they don't compete with each other.
  14. Traffic is so bad out to Tysons:*(
  15. The Va. Neiman's just started carrying Balenciaga in May, and I understand its doing pretty well. Maybe eventually the D.C. store will get Balenciaga too...