Washington DC areaa bargain alert: Chloe and Prada half price

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    C-Mart - Shop Smart. Shop C-Mart. is opening in DC area February 17th and they are going to have a good deal on Chloe and Prada handbags.
    Please see pics here, I believe they are real bags for sale this Saturday.
    C-Mart - Shop Smart. Shop C-Mart.
    C-Mart - Shop Smart. Shop C-Mart.
    C-Mart - Shop Smart. Shop C-Mart.

    I've been at their Maryland store a couple of times; I'm pretty sure they are legit and all the stuff is real (you can always return it, if not). I remember them having a great deal on hi-end fragrances and skincare (like ReVive, Armani Prive collection, Bond N9, Jo Malone) 50% off + BOGO, which made everything 75% off.

    Grand opening is Feb 17th and you should better come early. Have fun.
  2. Hmmm, I may try to hit this up. The one in Joppatown is too far away for me and I wouldn't be caught dead there by myself. I'll feel safer at the one closer to DC.
  3. ^^E, I'm going, leaving here at 9:00.....hope it's not a madhouse.
  4. Why and how can they sell them for half off?
  5. I don't know. How Marshals and TJMaxx are selling their stuff that cheap? Mystery.
    The CMart store (Joppatown one) is a little bit junky but they sell a real stuff. I bought some KidsKraft and Pottery Barn kids furniture/decor for about 75% off
  6. Thanks for the info...I'll be there :yahoo:
  7. I'm just curious - why don't you feel safe there? I don't go often...in fact, haven't been there for a while...but I've never felt un-safe there!
  8. *cough* ignorant motherfawks *COUGHHH** That's been my experience anyway, and i'm guessing hers. Harford County is definitely NOT my favourite place as a whole. It's pretty white trashy..
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Joppa Town is not the town for me....
  10. ^^LoL

    I remember to going to C-Mart years ago w/ my Mom. How in the world did they get all of those fabulous bags?!! Wish I could be there. Have fun shopping girls!
  11. OK, I made it out of that mad house safely :cursing: . I got there a little before 9am and the line was wrapped around the building! Tons of shoes - Ferragamo, Coach, Guess, Madden, etc.. Lots of Chloes - although I'm not an expert, the girls behind the counter said they were authentic. Paddingtons for $975 - us TPFers have seen them for cheaper, I'm sure

    One good thing - they have a return policy.
  12. I went, but the line getting in to the parking lot was utter chaos!! :nuts: Did not even attempt to find a place to park once I got a look at the line of people wrapped around the building!! There were even police officers outside, I guess to control the crowd. I did not even stop my car, headed out the parking lot and back home.
  13. Wow....sounds like it was a madhouse!

    DC-Cutie, did you find anything good?
  14. Nothing good. Not to say nothing was available, but I just didn't have it in me today to look. I'll go back next week, during the week.

    FYI- the store will be open every day Mon-Sat 10-8 and Sunday 10-6
  15. :lol: You are too funny.

    I'm just not very comfortable in Joppatown. I am much happier in Southern Maryland rather than further Northeast.

    I'm glad Dc Cutie and Ran checked this place out for me. I guess I don't really need to pressure myself to go now.