washing my coach

  1. well, the worst has finally happened. My cat threw up on my Coach Large Patchwork Tote. Oh my god, I almost died.:crybaby:So, I tried babywipes, but apparently my cat threw up on it this morning and it is now evening when I discovered it, and the beast decided to toss its cookies and hairballs on the lovely white and pastel colored C's patch. So, it was dried by the time i discovered it. also tried a damp washcloth, no luck.

    Inspired by the girl(cannot remember your name) who got the muddy Coach and threw her bag (leather and all) into the wash, I just put mine in with a tiny bit of woolite and the handwash/gentle cycle. Pray for me!:rolleyes:

    I will not put it in the dryer (not stupid) but instead, will hang on a hanger and blast fabric parts with the hairdryer.

    Any tips/hints/horror stories/miracle stories? I am so worried about my baby!
  2. *crossing fingers* for you. got any microfiber towels? they absorb liquid at a very fast rate. Either way, I would gently press it with a towel on the outside and a towel on the inside to help it dry faster.
  3. OMG!!!! I am sending you prayers! PLEASE let us know as soon as it comes out of the laundry!
  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too, hon. Please let us know how it turns out. Was it so horrible for you to wash it in the machine, ruined?? I'm be soooo mad @ my kids...:cursing:
  5. I'm so sorry! I'm crossing my fingers as well for your bag!
  6. Good luck, let us know if it works out(hope it does!)
  7. Gotta love the hairballs! Sheesh!

    Good luck...fingers crossed for ya! Let us know how it turns out. Sounds like you've got a great plan so far...
  8. Eeek! I hope it comes out well for you!
  9. How'd it go? Hope your bag made it through!
  10. Ooh good luck!!! I hope your bag will come through beautifully! :smile:

    Keep us posted on your results!
  11. It came out fine....(I'm her twin lol) i told her she was crazy but she put it in, and it is alright. the stain is gone, however I noticed that the sealing on the leather handle is peeling, but she says it was like that (I don't think so..) anyway..she's the crazy twin, i'm not washing my coaches in the washing machine ha ha whew...but luckily her's is fine :okay:
  12. OMG!!!!! That is GREAT that it is FINE!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!! What great news! I would have done the SAME thing b/c I wouldnt have known what else to do either!!!! Good job!!!!
  13. whew i am glad to hear it is fine! :smile: so daring of you hehe
  14. I was worried, but so far so good!
  15. Glad it came out okay! Desperate times call for desperate measures.