Washing juicy couture velour...

  1. does anyone know if they shrink if you pop em in the dryer? ...i want to shrink my sweatpants -- they're too long...:s
  2. ^^ I only have a few tops but not the sweatpants. Before thinking about hemming it's a good idea to wash on a gentle cycle and gentle tumble dry to make sure any shrinkage is accounted for. My guess is they will somewhat. My tops shrank a little in the sleeve length.

    On a side note, if you have a matching top and bottom set, be sure to wash them together every time so they fade evenly...I made the mistake of not doing this once - whoops!
  3. I think it will shrink a bit but if u want it to shrink more than 1-2 inches, its better u take it to a trustable seamstress to get it alter.
  4. They shrink a tad and then stretch out while you wear it a lot. You need to go to a seamstress who can handle velour!
  5. mine don't shrink at all i had to get them altered
  6. I've had mine for years and they haven't shrunk on me... if they're too long, you likely need to get them hemmed if it's more than 1/4".
    Great tip about the fading - my tops get worn more than the bottoms, so I have a pink tracksuit that I can no longer wear together!
  7. I wash them in washer then throw them in dryer - its suppose to shrink an inch or two
    but I don't really notice it. But I always put them in dryer because then the velour is even out.
  8. Oh and I dont think hemming before or after wash does not make a big difference at all!
  9. Mines didn't shrink either!
  10. thanks for all ur replies!! -- i guess i'll have to alter em after all..