Washing jeans inside out

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  1. why do people favor washing jeans inside out? does it prevent from the color fading away?
  2. Yes it does and it also prevents faded 'crease' lines forming. If the jeans are washed without putting inside out, other clothes can rub against the creased jeans and make fade lines.
  3. i just turn it inside out because the tag on my jeans says to do it. LOL! :lol:
  4. i wash my jeans inside out too, just incase colours from the other clothing gets on it.
  5. Yeah i wash my jeans inside out to keep the natural color of the jeans!
  6. I also have crystals on my jeans so it helps prevent them for falling off.
  7. Prevents creases from forming AND the hem from curling up...which is so annoying.
  8. I wash mine that way because I've read that that's the best way to wash them to make them last longer and look newer..
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