washing hair

  1. ok i have heard that your final rinse in the shower should be with cold water and that it make syour hair healthier.. anyone know any truth to this?

    i just started doing it after i read it in cosmo
  2. I think it's supposed to help seal the cuticle so your hair looks shinier. Honestly, a hot or cold rinse doesn't make much difference in my (thick, wavy) hair; I experiment with different products for that. If anything, a cold rinse is refreshing! :yes:
  3. everyone says it but i hear it does nothing. in my experience it hasnt really affected my hair much
  4. I don't think it even has to be cold...just lukewarm...but I don't do it and my hair is PLENTY shiny enough!
  5. iver never tried it but it sounds interesting. i might have to give it a try!
  6. i don't think i could do it, i like my showers HOT!
  7. I've always been told to do the final rinse in as cool as I can stand it. The shampoo opens up your cuticle anyhow, doing it at first wouldn't really help I wouldn't think{?}
  8. Yeah, it's suppose to seal the hair cuticle to make your hair more smooth and shiny. I've tired it once, and I don't think I'll try it again. Like Fayden, I like my showers hot.
  9. I read that, too. I have tried it before, but I didn't really notice much of a difference, that might just be me, though. I do know rinsing your hair with bottled Evian water is supposed to do something.
  10. Yes, rinsing with cold water is good for closing down the cuticle. This is especially beneficial immediately after a color treatment because closing the cuticle will help to "seal in" the color better. Personally, I cannot stand anything but scorching hot showers so I rarely do this!

    I think I read somewhere that Jennifer Lopez's stylist uses ice cubes on her hair to close down the cuticle!
  11. I do this once a week. I am not certain whether it works or not, but a flat cuticle will reflect more light than a non-flat cuticle, so it makes sense. Either way I do find it refreshing, especially in the morning. I don't like super-hot showers, they irritate my skin.
  12. I shampoo with warm water and rinse with cool to cold water. My hair tends to frizz and the cool/cold rinse really does help settle it down.

    As far as you ladies taking HOT showers, that's not really very good for your skin. It strips the natural oils in your skin and your hair and that dries out both. My DH is a "scald off the skin" hot shower taker. His skin stays SO dry because of it.

    Cooler showers are like a lot of things in life: an acquired taste. I enjoy a warm shower, but after a few minutes, I start slowly mixing in cold water so there isn't that SHOCK you get going from warm to cool water. Very invigorating! :yahoo:
  13. I shower with warm water and I do try to make it cooler just before I get out and let the cooler water run over my hair. It's not ice cold, more lukewarm.
  14. I rinse my hair with as cold water as I can stand at the end of every shower and my hair is nice and shiny and smooth.

    <----- See??!!
  15. your hair is lovley!!

    hehe. i LOVE hot shwers. and i have them hot hot.. but just at the end.. i put my head to the side and let cold water run thru my hair. i feel its helping but not too usre