Washing hair extensions??

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  1. Hiya guys, now, i bought a full head of hair extensions from head kandy and its my first time i have bought h,extensions and i dont know if or how to wash them?! can anyone help me? im scared of ruining them. thanks ;)
  2. what kind of hair is it? Washing instructions depend on the type of hair. Do you have a link?
  3. www.headkandy.com im not sure how often to wash the hair i think its real hair xxx
  4. Single & Quad Hair Extensions are made with 100% human hair. Our Full Head Extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair. This is Grade A Remy, in the hair extensions world this is the best of the best. Remi means the hair is specially selected and is sewn onto the weft in the same direction of natural hair growth. The cuticles are still in place and will all face the same way which means no tangles and gives a perfect soft, silky feel.

    The web site states the full head extensions are made with remi hair. This is usually good quality hair so you can wash it normally but its better to use shampoo without sulfates such as pureology or abba etc..

    The other kind single and quad just say human hair so this type may tangle no matter what you use. If you must wash them I would do it only with shampoo without sulfates and hope for the best.

    I used to buy my hair at superhairfactory and the remi hair was pretty good there. I had my extensions sewn in. I was able to wash with most shampoos and conditioners without drying them out. They lasted about 4- 5 months before they would get dry.
  5. do not wash after every use.

    condition, then wash, then condition again!

    enjoy your 'new hair'!
  6. thanks girls!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.