Washing denim....

  1. What is the best advice on washing designer jeans? I have machine washed and dried my 7FMK jeans, and I have machine washed and hung dried my jeans. I have one pair that is worn and the denim frayed at the seams. I am a little disappointed with them for the price, but maybe I've neglected to care for them properly. What has been your experience with designer jeans?
  2. I've never had any quality problems w/ any of mine.
    I wash mine on delicate/handwash cycle and dry them on delicate as well.
  3. That's probably the key "delicate cycle". :tup:
  4. I also like to use oodles of fabric softener the first time or 2:biggrin:
  5. I always dry clean my designer jeans. I feel that if I am spending this much on a pair of jeans, I would like to keep them for a while!! I have had pairs shrink in the dryer or the consistency or color change in the washer:sweatdrop:
  6. I usually have mine dry cleaned as well, especially if I am trying to save a dark rinse. I have read that some denim designers recommend washing inside out and then drying on delicate.
  7. I wash inside out on delicate cycle and then line dry.
  8. I take mine to the dry cleaners.
  9. I wash them inside-out on the delicate cycle with a delicate fabric wash like Zero. Then I hang them to dry. If they're too crunchy after hang-drying, I throw them in the dryer on a low setting for 10 minutes to soften them up. I don't dry-clean them because I'm paranoid about all the chemicals.
  10. Dryclean, or as a last resort wash inside out on a gentle/handwash and dry in shade (never in the sun)
  11. I wash them inside out! Cold water :smile:
  12. I too made the mistake of washing & drying them like you would for less expensive jeans. They not only shrunk horribly, they faded big time & got tighter in the thighs. Now I wash them by themselves (one pair in the washer at a time b/c the friction wears them out faster) I wash them on the delicate cycle in cold water only and hang them to dry.
  13. Wow I've never had any trouble washing them regularly! I wash them the same as cheap jeans since I figure for the price, more expensive jeans should be the same. I wash the same for cheap jeans too. I use it in regular wash on warm. Never any problems for me.
  14. I used to hand wash them...
  15. I read in GQ a few years ago that dry cleaning an item more than few times a year completely wears it out.
    I wonder if I Google it if I could find it{?}
    I remember telling DH he needed a few more suits because dry cleaning the same one's every month was ruining them after I read the article.

    Even my dry cleaner has told me to wash DH's shirts instead of having her dry clean them to keep them longer, she said just take them to her for pressing.