Washing bag

  1. You know a little while ago there was a hooha about that bag they were bringing out that looked like a cheap laundry bag (and many people made fun of it lol), well I was wondering if it had been released yet, and if anyone had seen it IRL and actually liked it and went ahead and bought it?
  2. Its not out till march i think. maybie april? ive not seen it IRL, but from pics i have seen...well i dont think it will be their most popular bag for the summer! ;)
  3. do u like the bag GeorgesLv?

    heres a pic

  4. :yes: never seen IRL only from pics...and I dont really like it
  5. Never seen it IRL and dont really like it either...
  6. lol ... I'm really curious what those look like IRL :nuts: ... I love visiting fleamarkets on the weekends and there are always tons of those china bags around .... if I like the tote, I might just make me own myself :roflmfao: :p :sweatdrop:
  7. I saw it IRL! It looks very different and much better than in pictures. It is actually made of leather. Some of the strands are a vibrant metallic gold in the one I saw. While the bag is not my style, I was pretty impressed with it when I saw it.
  8. :roflmfao: too funny
  9. we should have a competition :p
  10. In a matter of words, NO! lol
  11. Looks like one of the those grocery bags little old asian ladies use --- my grandma has one...lol
  12. I saw it IRL awhile ago and it's not my favorite at ALL. I'd rather buy something cheap that looked like that (since they've been around forever)instead of spending all that money on that thing. I saw more people gravitating towards the Rivet bags and those soft ones that I never remember the name of (they're named after clouds).
  13. i dunno what is going on w/LV's design team this year:shrugs: , i love the old Globe Shopper tote much better...

  14. Well, a flea market in Germany might be better than a flea market here in my city... :yes: So, if you do own this bag, you might feel comfortable bringing it to your flea market LOL
  15. OMG my grandmother has bags tahat look like that she bought at a discount store