Washed nappa - I take it all back!

  1. So, I've just been out in the rain with my washed nappa Joni (it's so badly stained on the back that I'm now beyond worrying about keeping it dry) and it got drenched. However, it has now dried and there is not a watermark to be seen :smile:

    I've always felt that washed nappa is far too fragile for everyday bags however, it does appear to be robust to rain. It scratches very easily but the scratches generally seem to rub out. Has anyone else found this?

    I've been so vocal in the past about hating washed nappa that I'm worried I've done it a dis-service. Am now off to peruse the Carnaby, Fleet, Hoxton & Oxford!
  2. Oooh interesting. I can't bring myself to use mine because of staining from jeans. I won't have to worry about water marks, though, it seems!
  3. Presumably the staining is just on the back, though? Mine is very badly marked - all denim stains - but the marks can't be seen from the front so it doesn't bother me too much. Especially now with the rain issue. I'm wondering if I could just wash the stain out tbh... I might try a small area and see what happens.

    The good news is that I now have a new potential wishlist item in the form of the Fleet :heart: Similar size to the Bayswater but, presumably, weighs virtually nothing; one (adjustable) strap so it should sit on my shoulder properly; 2 handy side pockets; closed top; comes in black. It's £395 full price (so the same as the Annie/Phoebe that I was considering from the outlet) and, potentially, 30-50% off in the Christmas sale (assuming I can wait that long :foot-tapping-smilie:smile:. That said, I've got a £147 credit note burning a hole in my pocket from returning the tangerine Araline :wlae:. I really think this might be the one :tup: Hopefully I'll get a chance to try out IRL at some point.
  4. Interesting, let me know what happens if you try to wash it out.

    I haven't seen the Fleet *scuttles off to Mulberry website*.
  5. I havent seen the fleet, and cant get on the Mulberry website on my home computer because it doesnt have the right software (i have tried installing it several times, all unsucessfully!) - would anyone be able to post a picture of the fleet? I am intrigued DitaB!

    Its very interesting regarding the washed nappa, I really wanted to use my claret araline this morning but didnt because of the rain... maybe I should risk it next time!
  6. Try a tiny spot of water in a really unobtrusive spot and see what happens. Thinking back, I seem to remember someone on the 'bag once had an Araline that got soaked in beer and the next morning the stain had miraculously disappeared :yes: Perhaps wet marks are fine - it's just dry marks that are bad :rolleyes:

    I will attempt to get a Fleet piccie for you now....
  7. Here it is, the new object of my affections:

    hulahoop - how annoying, not being able to get on the Mulberry site :wtf:
  8. OOOh I like it! Love the 'line' detailing on the flap, and the leather will be soooo soft!

    It is really annoying not being able to get on the site, but ultimately probably a good thing as I would spend way too much time on there drooling! Whenever I go to someone elses house/OH's work I always sneak a look though if the internet is on!
  9. re denim stains - did any of you gals contact mulberry to see what can be done about it? this is a let down of their washed napa...
  10. I think that agirlinwinter may have contacted them and was told that it was impossible to get stains out - she'll be able to confirm this if she's around later, though.

    That said, I've just noticed that one of the postman closures on the front of my Joni is very loose. I may take it into Mulberry before the end of the year (when my 12 month guarantee is up!) to get it fixed and then see if they can do anything about the stain at the same time.
  11. I did contact them and I was told that stains from denim are very hard to get out. I was invited to send it to them and they would have a go. I figured that the bag would only get stained again, so there was no point.
  12. Is it just denim that marks the washed nappa? Has anyone had any experience of it being marked by other materials, for example leather? Im thinking of whether I could use by grey or chocolate leather jackets without risk to my araline?
  13. Is it just denim that marks the washed nappa? Has anyone experienced any difficulties with other materials staining their bags? Im wondering whether I could get away with wearing my chocolate or grey leather jacket without risk to my araline? :s
  14. sorry double post!
  15. hulahoop, I should think that a leather jacket would be fine. Dark denim doesn't tend to be colourfast these days - all the dark jeans I've bought recently come with a sticker that tells you to expect colour transfer onto lighter fabric :tdown: It didn't occur to me that this would include leather but obviously it does. I've got a dark denim stain on the bottom of my white MbyMJ bag as well :cursing:

    GIW - that was quite soon after you bought the bag, wasn't it? If you're not using it at all because of the stain, you should let them have a look at it. You could then make the decision to only use it when you're not wearing denim :yes: