Washed leather satchel

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  1. #1 Aug 2, 2008
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    Ok, so I must admit this leather has been growing on me the more I see it. Well to make matters worse, SA at Prada LV sent me a photo of a bag that is TDF. Anyway, since I've never owned a washed leather bag before, how prone is it to scratches and waterspots? I know I live in a state where 1" of rain is considered a flood (lol, partly kidding) but I still want to know just how "careful" I really need to be. TIA!!!!
  2. Ooh, I had this bag before I traded it in.

    I just rub out scratches. :tup: It's that easy.

    But I don't know anything about water spots. I'll rather get drenched than let my bags get wet. However, I have another washed leather satchel from Banana Republic that is water and scratch proof. I wouldn't worry too much about a couple of water spots. This type of leather is meant to look better with use and age.

    But I will be more careful if it's a light color.
  3. I just got one of these in the cocco color. My SA called it the "indiana jones" bag, because it holds up to just about anything. I was thinking that since it's "washed", water should bother it, but it hasn't rained here since I got it, so I don't know for sure. I agree with linpaddy, that I'd be careful with a lighter color.
  4. alouette, unless you're really wanting a lighter color bag, I'd go for one of the darker colors too. The lighter colors seem like they would pick up smudges more easily, whereas with the darker colors, you could just "blend" it in to the distressed nature of the leather. I'm looking for a washed leather bag in the darker Cocco color myself...
  5. I meant to say that water shouldn't bother it.
  6. kiss_p - I understood what you meant...Indiana Jones bag..that's too funny!!

    Oh and yes, I'm getting a dark color. I don't do well with light colored bags. We don't get along. I'm not sure of the exact color but it's darker than cocco...darker than your bag 5thelement.
  7. I have a miu miu in washed buffalo and it is perfect! I wouldn't mind if it went all floppy and wrinkly - that's just what I like!
  8. Those are beautiful bags. Get one!
  9. ^^such an enabler! I'm still debating or not...see my sig below...lol!!
  10. Actually that's how one bag I bought looked like when it was new. I guess it didn't bother me since I like the distressed look.
  11. My washed bag has been quite water resistant, I live in a state where 4" of rain in a month is a drought. I haven't taken it out during a heavy downpour- mainly because that's like taking a shower with your clothes on and I hate being soaking wet in public places.

    As for scratches, the finish really hides most scratches. You'd probably have to have a deep scratch to see it.
  12. Are these around in stores? I always loved this bag:tup:
  13. A tPFer buddy said she saw one, I think in Neiman's recently. I'll ask tomorrow.
  14. I haven't seen them in NM or Saks but Prada boutiques have them apparently.