Washed leather hobo, anyone?

  1. Has anyone seen this washed leather hobo IRL, and do any of you have it now? Would love some opinions on it. Thanks!! :idea:

    (I just returned the Calf Leather Satchel to Saks because it was too large and structured for me....I'm looking for something really soft and slouchy. This is the one I sent back:smile:
    Miu Miu - Calf Leather Satchel - Saks.com
  2. Not IRL but I'm loving that leather lining!! For what Prada is charging these days, ALL their bags should be lined in leather!! :wtf:
  3. Ooh - very nice:love:
  4. I LOVE Prada's washed leather bags! I've seen these Irl - they're beautiful. :love:
  5. I saw it IRL, love it, esp. the lining ;)