Washed Lambskin Ss08! Omg Adorable!

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  1. omigosh ladies, see the picture, i just found it at purseblog, they are saying these blue and yellow washed lambskin classic flaps are availabe for $1895! Anyone has seen it before??? i lovee love love the colors, the blue and yellow are tdf! tell me what you guys think? has anyone seen it or has it?
    Chanel_2.55_Washed_Lambskin blue n yellow US 1895.jpg
  2. Are you sure these are new?
    I don't know if I'm having major deja vu but I think that pic is really old :S (maybe a year or two)
    Either that or Chanel are redoing some old colours as well?
  3. those are REALLY old, they're not for this season.

    they're from 2006
  4. Ya, $1,895 is definitely an "outdated" Chanel price lol. *sigh*
  5. :roflmfao: and to think when those were released, i thought $1895 was expensive!
  6. ^I know!!! Isn't funny how our view of prices gets so distorted??? I'm sure when the classic jumbo flaps were $1,650 a year ago people already thought that was expensive.

    Now, if anyone can get their hands on a jumbo flap for $1,650 it would be an absolute STEAL!
  7. oh gosh, i'm one of them :crybaby: i'm so totally kicking myself for not picking up the violet jumbo at $1650 when I had the chance... oh why oh why!!!!!!! :hysteric:
  8. [​IMG]

    Thanks for posting it....still prefer the normal lambskin leather than this:love:
  9. opppss sorry ladies, mod feel free to delete this, i tot those are new because the pink in the middle seems the same bag with the one with ss08 but i just noticed that the chain is not the same. i wish i was more into chanel in 2006 stupid moi!
  10. ^ aww no worries loveaddict!! they're quite lovely colors though huh?
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