Washed flokati rug is still dingy.

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  1. I searched and couldn't find a thread for this so I apologize if this has been asked before. Why ask this on a purse forum? I googled it & read a lot about cleaning but not any that said what to do if it is still not clean after washing. I thought of the great rehabs & rescues on Coach & Hermes sub forums & thought the ladies here might have a solution.

    I was a given a grubby float. After reading washing instructions I washed it on the handwash wool cycle with seventh generation liquid. It was still dirty so I did it again with woolite. Both times I added an extra rinse & spin cycle. The rug looks better but still greyish in one area which is probably in front of a couch or something.

    My research has showed me that oxyclean & borax & washing soda is not good for wool.

    I could try taking it to a laundromat & hope they have a handwash cycle on those jumbo machines. The LG frontloader I used was quite full with the 5' X 7" rug so maybe it would come cleaner if it had more room to move.

    The bigger machine may not be as gentle but I guess it's worth a try. Anyone know of a different soap that might work better or any other suggestions? TIA
  2. You say after washing it the second time it looks better, maybe washing it again will improve it.
  3. I would definitely try the iarge laundry machines at the laundromat. The jumbo machines that are front loading would do a nice job, I think. Baby shampoo is safe for wool as well; maybe give a pre-scrub with that before the washing? Good luck!
  4. We use either Capture or Resolve carpet cleaner for all our carpets when there's a stain. I think you should try the foam version and let it sit for a while and then rinse out. You can also try the dry powder but it might not lift stains as much as dirt.
  5. Thanks I'm gonna do the jumbo machine. See how it goes.
  6. It's not so much of a stain as it is a dinginess, greyish but I guess that's an all over stain lol. I could try stain remover over the whole thing I guess before tossing in machine. Thanks:smile:
  7. I have washed wool mattress pads with stain cleaner and also oxi clean and they came out super clean. I do think a large commercial washer is the best things to use with anything this bulky.
  8. Thanks:smile:

    I will try a stain cleaner. It's been too hot here to go to laundromat yet. Oxiclean damages proteins which wool is so they say not to use it. If the rug is unusable as it is though there is nothing to lose:smile: