Washed & dipped my EPI NOE w/ soap & water!

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  1. :yes: YUP! I did! and she survived!!!!:yahoo:
    I recently got gorgeous blue epi petit noe and love it to bits!
    but it kinda bothered me that even if she's in almost mint condition...
    She's still 10 years old!
    I actually couldn't use it...
    coz I kept wondering, where she's been
    and what she carried through all those years...
    So I decided... it's either I wash her or I sell her!
    I really love her so...

    I preparred water with mild antibacterial soap and some lysol...
    dipped her and washed her gently with my hands inside and out,
    then towel dried it well, then used the hair dryer to dry it some more...

    Now she's beautifull, CLEAN and perfect!!!!:yahoo:
    Just wanted to share and let everybody know that Epi will survive washing...:sweatdrop:
    photos after the washing...
    She's much more dryer now and the lining is now as it was before...;)


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  2. Yay! I really want the epi noe...so glad it worked out for you!
  3. thanks..
    I really have no problem with her being pre loved...
    it's just that she had a scent that I didn't know if its the normal scent of epi...
    She's my first epi... at least now I know it it is!!!:nuts:
  4. wow! That's awesome, such a beautiful color, can't believe the inside came out so well. I have the Mandarin regular Noe and someone on here told me once that they saw a woman carrying it in France and it was filthy dirty and icky. I was like GROSS!!! and went home and Wilson leathered it to pieces and now I really try to not get it dirty. It's nice to know that you can do this with Epi 10 years down the road... thanks for the post!
  5. BTW, my noe is 13 years old! I'm so impressed with LV...at least, the old ones I have that are 5+ in age! Your epi noe is really gorgeous! Can't even tell it's 10 years!
  6. Love the color!
  7. the color is fantastic! looks great on you btw!
  8. Great job, it looks brand new
  9. Wow, you're one brave gal! It looks awesome! I just love the color.
  10. looks spotless and new...;)
  11. Glad it survived...
  12. it looks great!! love that color :biggrin:
  13. Wow, you did a fantastic job with it!
  14. Good job!
  15. She looks great!!