Washed .. cotton

  1. scribble. Has anyone done this ?
    I have one on the way and it has a mark on the bottom (not a big deal)[​IMG] but I was wondering it anyway has tossed theirs into the washer just to rinse it ?

    I think i'm going to when i get mine, just toss it in the gentle rinse cycle and then lay it out to dry then apply shining monkey.

    thoughts ?
  2. You can wash it in the sink with woolite... I have done that with a similar fabric coach and it came out perfect!! I just moisturized the leather afterward!

    To dry it I stuffed mine with towels to get all the moisture out.. kept changing out the towels periodically...
  3. I think I would handwash it like Taralindsey suggested - the washer might be too much for it, KWIM?
  4. Hmm great idea but the towels. Never thought of that :smile:
    I will see once the bag arrives, it might not be as bad as it looks.
  5. Someone suggested to me once before to use Dove soap because its super gentle...
  6. ^^ thank you :smile: I will keep that in mind.
  7. My scribble arrived today and is now in the washer.. once its done i'll post before and after pic's.
  8. my sister washed her patchwork in the washer, came out fine, but i handwashed my scribble in the bathtub with woolite (i have the same one as you)
    it's fine, when it was done i squeezed out the water, wrapped it in a towel, and even put a towel rolled up inside it.........then once it was all dry, i moisturized the leather, especially the brown leather.... it came out fine! and clean i should say! lol
  9. awesome, thanks