Washed caviar mini?

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  1. Hello! Hello!
    I need all your opinions on washed caviar.
    I have been hunting for a rectangular mini since beginning of this yr (so sad that I missed last Fall's mini's, many of which made me so in love with Mini's) Last month, I read that Chanel in department stores were taking waitlist for Fall items, which include some rectangular mini's. I was excited and put my name on one. I am picky when it comes to buying a bag. I think some bags are best when they are in loose shapes and some others are not. I really think flap bags look the best when they are super structured and durable. That is the main reason I opt for caviar leather. But based on what I have been told, the rectangular mini's will be in Washed Caviar and that makes me a bit worried. Last yr's mini's caviar leather seemed very durable. Although I have not seen any pic on the mini yet as it is not available in stores but I want to have some ideas on washed caviar. To any Chanel lovers who own washed caviar bags, do you find your bag tend to be softer or lose shape more easily than regular caviar leather? The SA told me the bag will keep the structure; it is just in a different finish. I looked through posts to educate myself on the leather (I am fairly new to Chanel) but I did not find many answers! Hopefully we all can discuss on this topic as mini is one of the styles that many of us are hunting for! So please share your knowledge!

    Also, do you guys think you guys are more generous with mini's getting loose than larger flaps getting loose?
  2. I have a washed leather blue jean coloured m/l from many years ago, with shw. I was worried about the leather, but loved the lighter blue colour as all of my other blue bags were navy. It's chalk and cheese versus my black caviar m/l, it's really soft and post many years of use (and I still use and love it) I consider its softer shape makes it more casual looking, which suits the colour. I am a little like you, as my current mini's are structured, either in caviar or lambskin and I am not sure if I will like the shape of the mini in easy caviar post use. But it's such a small bag, It should keep its shape? I want to wait and see it in person. The colours sound great so let's see, with fingers crossed!
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  3. Auntynat!! Thank you so much for answering to this post! Haha you are the first person to comment on my 2 posts! So it sounds like it will have a more loose look right? I have seen some of the minis pics in washed caviar and they were so far pretty! But I do not think I am in love though as I love rigid shiny leather! i think you are more flexible with options than me as I am way too picky (even I feel it all the time) so hopefully ur mini will look wonderful! I m hoping the minis for the Cruise collection will come out with a different caviar!
  4. Ps I forgot to mention - there is a dedicated thread for mini's, this may be why you didn't see many responses. Post in the 'Mini Mini Mini' thread, it's very active!
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  5. I think the washed caviar is nice. The only thing I would note is it is a softer caviar so not as good for keeping the structure on a bigger bag. Since you are looking at a mini I think it would be perfect!! Good luck.
  6. I purchased the boy woc washed caviar two months ago. It's probably going to be similar leather to that one. I really like the softness of the quilts of this leather. It also has a muted matte look that makes the bag more understated. Even though the leather is soft, they reinforced the interior pretty well that I feel like it won't lose its structure. The main downfall of this leather is that it scratches easily. I have way more scratches on this bag compared to my shiny caviar woc that I had longer. It's sad because the reason I wanted caviar is because it's more durable. This one just seems a lot more delicate. Perhaps it doesn't have the extra coating on the regular caviar that gives it it's shininess? Even though I like the way it looks, I probably won't buy another bag in this leather.
  7. Hello! Thanks for your opinion! I actually saw some pics of larger flaps in caviar leather and got horrified by how they looked so saggy after yrs... I agree with ur opinion. I guess sagging on a smaller flap will bother me less than on a big one but still I question myself if I will be able to love the bag in a long term. I guess i am too picky!
  8. The red is so pretty!!! Omg! Thanks for sharing the pic! I think based on your experience, I see caviar leather is like between lambskin and regular caviar. I think I would have to baby the WOC if I were you! Haha I really appreciate ur thorough comparison and description of the leather! I think I should not buy the mini in washed caviar because just like what you said, I want caviar for durability but if washed caviar cannot provide that feature.. I dont see the point of getting it.. Maybe getting a lambskin can be better so at least it feels super soft and luxurious!
  9. You're welcome! I love the woc because it is so pretty but yes I have to baby it. They're coming out with more caviar minis in the cruise collection. I'm on the waiting list for a black caviar with ghw. Fingers crossed that it won't be the washed caviar!

    Btw, I have the square mini in the lambskin and I love it! If it's not going to be an everyday bag then I would definitely go for it! There are some lovely ones right now. Good luck!!
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  10. Can you show the close up pic of the scratches in the washed cavier? Curious how bad the bag can get as I'm thinking if I should just go for the lambskin mini. Thanks!
  11. Actually that bag is at Chanel for repair right now. I took it to Disneyland and the button came off during a ride! I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the softer caviar. I only took pictures of one section to show my sa but you can see some small scratches to the left and of course the big one that caused the damage. There are also more in the inside flap that I don't have pictures of. I worn this bag about 5 times.
  12. Yikes!!! I have never heard of this happening before. Crazy! I hope it comes back to you in perfect condition. The leather just above where the snap came off also looks pretty beat up. Maybe they will just send you a replacement.
  13. Thanks...I was almost in tears when that happened. I hope they can somehow buff out the scratches as well. a replacement would be awesome.
  14. Almost all the soft caviar woc's from the new collection I've checked in the shop last week had already visible scratches. I can't imagine how they will look like after some use..
  15. Wow. I take my red quilted caviar woc to Disneyland ALL the time and still not a scratch on it. I totally remember when you purchased this bag too. Hope it can be repaired.