Wash or dry clean your favorite denim?

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  1. I have a question about caring for jeans. Usually, I just throw them in the wash, but they don't always keep the same shape or feel to them when I take them from the dryer. Lately, I have been dry cleaning a few of my favorite pairs of denim which is fine to keep the shape and feel, but not so good if I have worn them out and someone spilled beer on the pant leg! So I guess my question is which do you prefer? Washing your favorite "premium" denim or having them drycleaned?

    I do have a pair of 7s that I have to wash and pop in the dryer because they are too big otherwise. But, I had a pair of Joes stretch out but when I washed them they seem to have lost their nice feel. I don't like them anymore. I am worried about what to do with my Paige jeans. I love the way the look and feel and fit and want to keep it that way! Thanks for your help!
  2. I wash my premium denim because I would feel kind of ridiculous taking my jeans to to dry cleaner :shame: but I'm very particular about how they should be washed. I only wash them inside out, with detergent especially for dark colored clothing, in cold water - this minimizes fading. Then I dry them for about 10 minutes, take them out of the dryer while they are still damp and then hang them up to air dry the rest of the way - this counteracts the stretching but prevents them from shrinking too much. Sounds crazy, but it works pretty well IMO.
  3. This is exactly what I do! I have about 15 pairs of premium denim and I have washed everyone in this method. They have all kept their shape and have not faded. Some of them I have had for over 5 years and they still look brand new.
  4. that's what i do when i wash them, but i'm definitely gonna try your dryer trick next time. thanks! :smile:
  5. hi, I own over 30 pairs of premium denim and dry cleaning would be just crazy for me as I wear jeans everyday. I wash mine inside out and hang dry.
  6. Disgustingly, I neither wash nor dry clean my denim. I live filthy
  7. Ditto. Wash and air dry. I find it's the heat of the dryer that kills the denim.
  8. My premium denim definately goes to the cleaners.
  9. I do the same thing, wash em inside out in cold water & hang dry em to prevent fading & shrinking!
  10. I think I read in Cosmo or Glamour once that if you like the fit of your jeans you should dry clean them once and then they will never change their shape after if you wash and dry them...maybe that would help.
  11. I dry clean all my jeans. That way they never fade, shrink or have any other problems.
  12. i washed them... just make sure you turn the jeans if it's in dark colour inside out when washing or drying in the sun to prevent fast fading.
  13. The care tag on my Paige denim specifically says, "Do not dry clean." I usually wash mine inside out in cold water, briefly put them in the dryer, and air dry them the rest of the way, smoothing out any wrinkles. It works!
  14. Thanks for all the great tips! I am going to try kate79's method using the dark clothing detergent with a quick spin in the dryer. I am just a bit nervous because I washed my Joes jeans once after previously only taking them to the dry cleaners, and they just haven't felt right since! I definitely like the dry cleaned feel, but my I spilled a beverage on my Paige jeans and they need a good wash! Here's a silly question - do you hang them up from the waist or folded over the hanger?
  15. I dry them flat, if possible. Otherwise I hang them from the waist. It seems like folding them over the hanger would leave a crease.