Was your husband reluctant to let you stay home?

  1. I ask because I have a very good friend who has said that he wouldn't tolerate a housewife. He's a Harvard grad (twice-over), makes in the high six-figures and is still a very young guy, lives in Manhattan... maybe being in a hyper competitive atmosphere for the last 10 years has something to do with this.

    I guess a nanny will be raising his kids! Maybe he'll change his mind (or have it changed for him) when he gets married. And no, Mother, I will not be marrying him.
  2. No..Phh asked me to stop working when we were about to be married..I love being at home with the kids.
  3. Not at all. He loves that I am at home with our little guy! In fact, it was my suggestion that I work part-time because I also love teaching and can't imagine giving it up completely. It works out great because I make a little extra money and my little guy gets to spend 3 hours in the afternoon with grandma and grandpa. It really is the best of both worlds and I am truly blessed!
  4. My husband and I have discussed this for a while. He is reluctant having me stay home full time because he is afraid that I would become lonely and a shut in. We have decided that working part time (on the days he has off). That way I have the best of both worlds - adult time outside of the house and time spent with the kids. This also allows me to keep my car.

    We dont have kids yet - this is us planning! :P
  5. My husband doesn't care that I don't work a full week. He would rather me have an extra day off to get the errands done and be less tired so we can spend quality time on the weekends.
    Since we don't have kids, he does expect me to work at least part-time, but he wants a wife, too. In fact, he is the one who suggested I cut back my hours.
  6. My husband and I made the decision together, that one of us would be home to raise our daugther. I stayed at home w/ her full time until she went into the 1st grade (last year), now I have my own business, work from home a lot and have flexible hours, so mom or dad always takes her to school, picks her up, goes on field trips, and volunteer 1 day a week at her school. It's been great so far. There's nothing better than raising your child.:yes:
  7. A home business sounds like a great idea!
  8. I was a divorced housewife when my (now) hubby met me. He loves the fact that Im home with our son, and my 2 kiddos from my first marriage and yet wouldnt mind a bit if I decided to get a job out side of home. He is all for what ever I decide, thats why I love him so very much!
    Sounds like your friend has ALOT to learn about life outside of books.
  9. I doubt if your friend will change and good luck to his wife if he ever decided to get married.
    I had a friend who married a guy like that and even though he made about 10 times more than her they split all bills in the middle. Their money belonged to the person who made it and they did not share. It took her about a year to realize this was not how she wanted to spend her life so she divorced him and is married with a baby on the way and working from home and has a husband who treats her like a queen.
  10. I work weekends and holidays. I make the most money when I do this. I am not a holiday person and I don't want to spend time with his family for reasons I won't go to deep in. (Respect issue). Anyway, it works for me and I can persue my own interest ie going back to school for Paralegal. I guess that I am getting old and honary. But I made the decision for me and my career persuits. I make as much money or almost working PT as I did FT. Oh,I forgot I take care of my dad during the week as well. My husband questioned my judgement at first, but quickly "shut up" about it when I told he that he has choices himself if he is not happy, but sometimes you have to do what is best for you even if your husband disagrees. If he wants a work horse he married the wrong women. Good Luck with your decision. I think staying home is a personal choice. Also I would never stay with a man who wouldn't share his money with me, thats not going to be an arugument. If you don't I don't!!!!:upsidedown:
  11. my exhusband asked me and literally begged me to stay at home (he was and is used to woman not working it is pretty normal where he comes from)
  12. I think this guy is a career first, family second person.
  13. Eh, I can understand how he feels. He works hard for his money, it takes a certain kind of person that would not only want to support children but a stay-at-home spouse as well. I'd never do it (either be a stay-at-home wife, nor support a stay-at-home husband), nor would I expect my bf to if God forbid we ever have kids.
  14. I stayed at home for the first 4 years of my daughter's life (she's 5 now) and now I only work part-time as an office manager. My office is less than a mile from our home and from the school where she will be starting kindergarten in less than one month (yikes!)

    My husband supports any decision I make about my work. I mostly work to keep myself from being bored and to fund my handbag obsession. My daughter has enjoyed lots of time with her grandparents this past year, so it has worked out well all the way around.
  15. We talked about this before getting married. We decided someone would stay home with the children. He makes more in his job then me. I tried working before we had kids and I was so stressed. Been home since but now I have my own business (home based).:smile: