Was wondering... What do you use for

  1. cosmetics? I'm looking for something in LV to use as a cosmetic bag. Would anything in the MC, epi or vernis lines work? TIA
  2. I use the mono cosmetic pouch.
  3. [​IMG]

  4. Monogram and Damier have several cosmetic bags that have washable lining. Of course there some pochettes lined in other textile which can be considered a cosmetic bag also.
  5. I use the same bag and I love it! :yes:
  6. pochette, wapity?
  7. How do we actually wash the lining? :shame:
  8. Me three, for a while I used a pouchette, I have heard some gals use their wapity (but they must not carry much...lol).
  9. The interior is vinyl a damp cloth with mild soap would be just fine. :flowers: :yes:
  10. I have this one in the Damier...its lined in red leather...so pretty!
  11. Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  12. I think that the bags that were made to be used as cosmetic/toiletry bags are the best ones for the job since they have the washable interiors. I initially purchased the pochette cosmetique but I've always loved the larger half moon shaped one. I was so glad to be able to land one, in excellent condition, and with a new brand new interior on eBay.
  13. I use the my MC wapity for storing lipglosses, blotting paper, and sometimes a compact powder
  14. i use my mc pochette for cosmetics, I find it too small for an everyday bag. I don't really like how the cosmetic cases only come in mono & damier
  15. i use my MC wapity for lipglosses & lipstick, compact powder too
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