Was unable to use PCE card

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  1. My cousin gave me her invitation because she wasn't able to shop this month so I wanted to buy myself a large Carly bag and a wristlet, and when I got up to pay for it I presented the card and they said I could use it, but when I gave them my name and postal code they refused to honour the 25% because my last name didn't match my uncles nor his address, and when i told them it was a relative they would not let me get it unless I had his ID with his address (i mean why on earth would I carry someone else's ID) or got him to come in and buy it for me.
    Has anyone else experienced this? I was pretty angry about it. This was at the Coach at Yorkdale mall in Canada.
  2. I am so sorry this happened to you. My Mom is in Michigan and went to Somerset. I told her about this PCE and she mentioned this to the SA. Not only she was able to use the 25% discount for herself, she was also able to get some that I wanted and have them shipped to me for FREE. I guess it really depends on your SA or the store.
  3. I just find it ridiculous because aren't there people who sell these things on eBay or friends give them away? It's not like I could raid someone's locked mailbox and steal it, and if you're saying they just give them away, why so strict with me? and do they usually ask for your postal code to use the card?
  4. No, they never asked my Mom or me. I didn't know anything about PCE till I read about it in this forum. What I did was call my store in Birmingham and told them that there's a PCE going on. They were very nice and gave me the discount twice in a week with FREE shipping. Maybe you can call the store and talk to the manager or something.

  5. totally off subject, but i'm from Michigan too!!! i grew up in troy/sterling heights/macomb and I LOVEEEEE somerset!!!!

    but on topic, I've given my PCE card to someone else after I had already used it and they had no problem. That's weird.
  6. Coach asks for your zip code to find your customer information. I don't understand their logic for not letting you use the card. The cards aren' t linked to people and thhey don't have special barcodes for different people. SA's make exceptions all the time for customers without the card (during PCE). As long as you had the card, I don't see what the problem was. Maybe it's different in Canada.
  7. This sounds like something unique to that Canadian SA? I would try calling the store and speaking to the manager to better understand why it was handled this way, b/c it doesn't make sense. Especially since it seems most PCE rules are bent all the time. Good Luck.

    BTW, is it Canadian or Canadien?:confused1:
  8. Thats really weird, I used my PCE card and a friends moms card last week and no one questioned a thing.
  9. I miss it there so much. We moved here in MS in 2000 due to my husband's job. I always feel so jealous when my family or cousins go to Howell or Birch Run :shame:. I agree with you about Somerset. I just love that place :tup: most esp on holidays. That mall is so festive. My Mom was telling me that they opened a Michael Kors beside Coach. I wish I still live there.
  10. My mom got the same card, it didnt' even have her name or address on it.. I used it no problem!!! :confused1:
  11. Hi Coachgrl,
    For English-speakers, it's Canadian. For French-speakers/ bi-linguists, it's Canadien.;)
  12. Tattersall, I would talk to the manager instead. The SA in this case handled it poorly IMO. Hope that did not put you off Coach.
  13. Perhaps try another Coach store...
  14. oh Tattersall I am sorry, that was mean IMO. you have the card in your hands so they shoul've honor it, call the manager or something.

  15. You read my mind. Tattersall DO call the manager.