Was told I'm only allowed one Birkin per season?

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  1. I was in the Paris Hermes today, and the SA told me that one is only allowed one Birkin per season. Is that true? I then saw another girl who had two boxes (Birkin boxes) in front of her, and it looks like she bought both.
  2. I've never heard of this.
  3. Are you new to Hermes?
  4. Oh. That's weird.
    i'm pretty sure it's not true.
    Because my mom bought two on the same day before..
  5. if its the only H item you are buying she might have told you that to save the birkin for other clients.
  6. It is true. In the US if a person is a new client to Hermes, they are limited to one Birkin purchase per year. Once you have established yourself as an Hermes client, most times meaning that you are interested in more of the Hermes products than just the Birkin, then you are allowed to purchase more than one Birkin per year. This is a company wide policy for the US Hermes Boutiques. Whether or not every H Boutique abides by the policy is due to the management and enforcement of the policy.
  7. I really think that it depends on the SA...:P
  8. Not true at all. I know a friend who bought 6 in one hour at FSH. I have personally bought 2 there myself. I think it depends on which country you are in...
  9. twigz 6 in one hour? my goodness....
  10. I think it's true but again, depends on your SA and the r/s you have with the store..
  11. It is true.

    I have been told this by an SA I do not normally work with.

    If you have established a relationship with an SA .... :P
  12. depends on your SA
  13. Maybe you can only order one per season but if more than one are on the shelf I thought you could buy them, even if it's more than one.

    I think the limits are just because H are afraid of resellers going back to the stores repeatedly (especially since a certain book showed how lucrative this can be). Excessive Birkin buying can attract a lot of negative assumptions (such as "are these bags really for her personal use or to resell?").

    I am also really surprised that someone could buy 6 in one go :nuts:
  14. yes i was told this with one Sa, but not with another sa..one said 1 birkin 1 kelly per season...another sa didnt hav a prob..depends on relatioship and sa at the end of the day!:smile:
  15. that's not true..
    i bought three this season..