Was this Venetia ever actually made?

  1. i was looking around and came across this...

    what this bag ever actually made?
  2. I can't say that particular bag is authentic (I don't know either way), but that style of venetia was made. There are some denim totes out there too.
  3. i doubt its authentic just b/c of where i found it, but i was just wondering if MJ made a bag that looks like this....i hadn't seen any, but i like it...i looks different, so i was thinking about trying to find one...but i don't know..there are so many bags that i want at the moment!! :p
  4. where u at bag.lover??:smile:
  5. QUILTED DENIM Venetia (regularly $1095USD) is from Resort 2005. I have seen it in Nude, Dark Denim, and Washed Denim. This line was included in MJ Boston's sale (70% off) last May.

    The color of the item in the picture is Washed Denim.
  6. thanks BL i knew u'd know...your post is before mine, but yours wasn't there when i posted mine...thats weird...

    this one doesnt look real does it?
  7. ^ We were probably typing at the same time.

    This is a highly faked style too, be careful. The picture looks off.
  8. where could i find a auth. pic at?

    would a brown one be called nude?
  9. here is the pic
  10. ^ That is a replica of Nude. Nude is a 'salmon' color, it's not brown.
    I like Dark Denim Venetia the most, it looks less casual looking than Washed Denim. Some members posted pictures of these colors a while ago, I'll try to find some pictures.

  11. thanks...im glad i didn't buy it!!