Was this too presumptious? LOL!

  1. My hubby left last night to go back to work in Vancouver. As he was leaving, I handed him a piece of paper with the address for Tiffany & Co., their hours and the phone number.

    I told him not to come home empty handed :graucho:

    I may be posting my first Tiffany piece in few weeks!!
  2. if it's your birthday or some other significant occasion then maybe no..
  3. The anniversary of our first date is in a couple weeks :heart:
  4. Haha! Nice. I think if I did that to my boyfriend, he might just take it as a joke...
  5. no, it is fine.
  6. i hope he comes back with something. not too presumptious imo :smile:
  7. ohh, can't wait to see the pics! yippee!
  8. no, most men NEED direction!
  9. He's your hubby, dear! He is supposed to lavish you with lovelies!
  10. I think most men would love for us to spell out what we want. Makes it easier for them! My dh knows EXACTLY what I like!
  11. Cute!
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. You are my hero , that way he won't go astray and get you some tacky piece of crap , he will get you Tiffanys :nuts::tup:
  14. lol, absolutely not! :rolleyes: you're a woman after my own heart...
  15. Pretty much all men need direction!! :amuse:

    Keep us posted!