was this style ever made..?

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  1. hello fello Coach lovers,

    I have recently turned my attention from B-bags to Coach, mainly because I love the leather on coach and becuase they are more suited to my busy mum of three lifestyle :o)

    I have acquired a few pieces which I will endeavour to group together and take photos of tonight to show you, but about six months ago I bought my first bag from eBay ( :shame: I know..VERY dangerous) and I think I may have been duped.

    It wasnt very expensive but I now wonder if perhaps it was a fake. The fabric feels high quality and the stiched CC's are all symetrical and mirror images, the straps are definitely leather and I received it wrapped in coach paper with a brown and red dustbag (which looks like subsequent dustbags I have gotten with genuine coach from the Sydney store) but heres the thing there is no creed inside..hence my doubt,

    is it a fake? or do/did coach make creed-less bags?
    below is the picture, thanks in advance for the advice.:yes:


  2. i've seen something like that last year in woodbury outlet during black friday. so im assuming its not a fake.
  3. I've seen it in hot pink and black, I think it just may be authentic
  4. It is authentic. Coach made some creed-less bags like cosmetic bags.
  5. That is a pouch. Coach did make quilted pouches. They were at the outlets a while ago.
  6. yup, ita with everyone. that's a pouch, and pouches are considered cosmetic cases (category-wise, anyway) by coach - and those don't have creeds.
  7. ^ ditto
  8. woohoo!!

    thats great news!!

    On another note, I have been desperately searching Australia for a leather legacy Mandy courier or two pocket shoulder bag with no luck :sad:

    we only have three coach stores, and they are really only duty-free style stores with very little stock. we have one in Sydney and two in queensland. Most of their stuff is the signature canvas and thats about it.

    I would so love to open a coach store here in Canberra. The owners of the local mall have just spent $45 million bucks redeveloping the mall and building a new high end designer wing...with no high end designer handbag store!! obviously managed by a man :p

    oh well. I guess I will just have to keep my eye out for eBay. by the way, is there a thread that nots reputable coach sellers?

    cheers and thanks for putting my mind at ease