Was this statement blazer a mistake?

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    The Kenzo.

    I do like the crazy. ;). I'm less into the more girly floral print ones that are showing up in stores, though I suppose the Miu Miu is floral...

    I should also say in general I haven't been the biggest blazer person but I'm thinking about trying it for everyday looks. I have a cropped navy eyelet blazer for dresses and more formal occasions and a wintery dark red tweedish blazer. I guess I tend to like texture instead of solids.
  2. I have two floral blazers, a navy/white (thin) striped blazer and a bright magenta blazer which I consider my 'statement' blazers.....the rest are solid netural colours (black, navy, beige, white).
  3. I think you should return it and buy another one you're sure about. Bold prints actually aren't that hard to match. This one is though... and I don't like it (but that shouldn't matter to you). You could check Topshop and H&M (the trend line), they will definitely have some prints.

    I don't have any bold printed blazers, I like them but just didn't ran into one I liked. I do have a bright purple blazer I love and a lot of cream/pastel colours (fitted and boyfriend), but I want to wear them with dresses and skirts which are usually not that quiet, so this is more practical for me. I would buy a bold printed one though.

  4. you know i thought the same...that it's weird that something with so many colors could actually be quite boring
  5. It looks good on you!
  6. At first when I saw the picture of the jacket I didn't like it at all, but I loved the way it looks on you! It's actually fitted and doesn't look goofy at all.
  7. Yeah I would return it.. it's just a bit odd looking and there are so many other better statement blazers out there.
  8. Have you tried it with wearing a black tee and some black skinny jeans as well?
  9. It looks really good on you!
  10. For some reason I think it looks really weird with black. Too much contrast? If was okay with a navy dress though...
  11. It looks really good on you... However, if it was expensive, i would return because a jacket like that isn't that versatile (as you are finding out) and it's too memorable. As opposed to a solid color.. S thst limits how many times you can wear it before people think "that blaxer.. AGAIN?"
  12. I'm okay with it being my signature, as goofy as that is. :smile:

    It was $80 which I don't think was too expensive but I guess definitions of expensive vary. I'm also hoping it will go on sale soon so I can get a price adjustment!
  13. For $80.. Keep and have fun with it
  14. Thanks for the opinions, everyone!
  15. If it's not too late I would say return it. It looks better on than on the hanger for sure, and I would probably pair the jacket with darker denim and booties or sky high heels in a bolder color than peach or grey that are funky and edgy, but now come to it, I actually think it looks boring. A better statement jachet would be of brighter colors and maybe bold florals. Like pink orchids on white satin with some blue or lilac/purple smaller flowers around the pink orchids...
    Haha my imagination is running wild here....
    Hope this helps anyway.