Was this rude, or is it just me?

  1. I just received a question about a brand new bag I have listed on eBay.

    First, this person says "I know you say you don't ship outside the U.S., but can you make an exception for me?" Then she says "I know you bought this bag during such-and-such sale and got free shipping, and your starting price is higher than the sale price was." Then she says "Is there something wrong with this bag and that's why you're selling it?" Finally, she asks if I'm a member of tPF.

    Good grief. Is there something wrong with trying to make a buck on a bag, when the buyer will still save huge $$ off the retail price?

    Sorry, this just peeved me a little and I'm tired of rude people. Maybe she didn't mean for it to sound rude, but I certainly took it that way. My bag is brand new and a fantastic deal, why all the cr@p?:shrugs:
  2. I used to buy and sell from the same eBay account, now I have an account for both. I do a lot of buying & reselling on eBay and I wouldn't do it unless I made a profit.

    I would just tell them no exception!
  3. I would find that rude. There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to make some money off the bag, especially if you are still selling it below retail price. We usually sell items to try to make money in the first place. If she doesn't like the price, then I think she should keep her mouth shut...its not like she HAS to buy the bag. Your feelings are perfectly normal and I say don't deal with this person.
  4. Thanks, 4theluvof-it. I do have two separate accounts for Ebay, but I didn't buy the bag there, I bought it direct from the manufacturer. She asked if I was a tPF member, so she must have seen me post about it here. I know it's no biggie, but it kind of feels like an invasion of privacy somehow:wtf:.
  5. when people give me the third degree like this I sometimes just block them from bidding. If they are going to be this difficult before they buy from you, imagine if they actually won one of your auctions?! They might just be someone who likes to complain and is hard to please.
  6. ^Yeah I agree. It seems a little weird..in that case, she needs to find someone else who is selling it IMO.
  7. kinda creepy too...
  8. Especially if you make the exception & ship out of country, can you imagine the headache?
    I say block her- you are not overreacting!
    She's being rude!:bagslap:
  9. How in the world do they know where you got it or whatever? That's a little crazy if you ask me. If I ask someone about being a tPf member it's because I can be super excited and not worry about authenticity as much, not to try and rip them off, sheesh!
  10. she sounds like a weirdo...who cares how much you sell it for...it's your auction if she doesn't agree with the price she can move on
  11. I usually just add those people to my blocked-bidder-list right away, I rather not deal with them.
  12. It's much easier to block than to wonder about someone's motives.
  13. Me too! buying from a TPF member on ebay is such a relief ;)
  14. I agree, usually when people start out aggressive like that it is only the beginning of a major pain in the $#@
  15. This particular bag was from the Hayden Harnett Big Bang sale, which was (and still is) heavily discussed here at tPF. It wasn't a super popular item and it was only on the sale for a very limited time. I can only guess that this person assumes that I purchased it then, though it is was available for full price before and after the sale. I think she is just making the assumption, but because she was right, it kind of creeped me out. Also, my tPF name and Ebay seller name are completely different.

    I've never asked an Ebay seller if they're a tPF member, but I do get happy when I see it mentioned in a listing. I know it isn't a guarantee, but I do feel more comfortable buying from a like-minded individual:yes:.

    I think I will block her just because her initial communication doesn't bode well for future transactions and I don't ship to her country anyway. Thanks everyone for your advice, I was afraid I might just be overreacting.