Was This REALLY Popular??

  1. I've posted searching for this before and haven't been able to find it anywhere, including eBay. I was just curious, was this scarf REALLY popular or something. Generally I can find what I want, even months after it being released. But this one has me on a HUGE SEARCH!


    Style - 98283
  2. I, too, was looking for this scarf and haven't had any luck either. I saw it on the Japan site for a bit but then it disappeared from there, too. I guess it's all sold out. I even contacted JAX and they said they no longer have any of it in stock. Just keep checking on eBay periodically, maybe it'll turn up eventually. Good luck!
  3. I think it's more likely that it was produced in limited quantities rather than it being super popular. If it was really popular, it would have more auctions (generally demand increases supply when it comes to eBay).
  4. I tried to order it technically before the floorset even came out and they said it was unavailable/sold out. The store could never even find it in the computer.
  5. I think that scarf is one of the Coach mysteries, like the flower scarf that matches the peony tote - it was not even available yet, then all of a sudden it was sold out!
  6. That is such a cute scarf and I have not seen it anywhere! I think when people got a hold of it they did not want to let it go.
  7. It was on the Macy's website for a while then disappeared...I'm sad, I really liked it!
  8. I'm not 100% sure but I could have sworn I saw that scarf at my local Coach store tie to a purse... Maybe I'm just crazy though...
  9. omg! I tried ordering this also when I was in search for the peony scarf and she said it was still not available. :cursing: Makes me so mad.
  10. i think i have seen it in an outlet
  11. ^^what already? I hope they start showing up on ebay if that is true.