Was this MC Speedy a Fake or a Special Order?

  1. When I was at the LV Flagship store in San Francisco yesterday looking at the MC Speedy :heart:, my husband noticed that a woman, who was across the way, was carrying what looked like the MC Speedy 30, only larger. When he asked our SA if the bag came in a larger size, she said no, so he then pointed to the bag that the woman had, and asked if that bag was larger. The SA hesitantly said yes, and when I asked if it was a special order, she changed the subject.

    Was this woman carrying a fake, or is it possible to special order MC pieces?
  2. Maybe you saw the keepall? I'm very, very sure that LV does NOT do SO on bags etc in MC (I've heard something about the fact that they do make acessories, but I'm not sure)
  3. was it this ?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I didn't see it from the front, but yes, it was about that size. Is this a discontinued bag? How much was it?
  5. LV does not do special orders for the MC.

    And the MC Speedy doesn't have a larger identical version. There is only one size for the MC Speedy.

    Was it the MC Keepall (which looks slightly different) that you saw (which Bag Fetish has posted)?
  6. The Keepall itself is not discontinued. I don't remember the exact price for the MC Keepall but it is well over $2000 USD.
  7. If the bag you saw didn't look 100% identical to the MC Keepall, and if it didn't look authentic, then it was a fake.

  8. Hmmm, maybe I'm not looking in the appropriate places, but when I did a search first on eLuxury, then on the actual Vuitton site, I didn't find a Multicolore bag larger than a Speedy 30.
  9. The MC Keepall 45 is not discontinued and currently retails at $2,590. ;)
  10. the only bag similar to the speedy, but larger is the keepall, its not disc. but soldout almost everywhere, if the sa was hesitant to answer back, then it was most likely a fake
  11. Here is the link:

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Keepall 45
  12. This is what I was thinking. If it had been real, why wouldn't the SA tell you what it was?:s
  13. Maybe the SA just didn't know..unfortunately, not all of them are very knowledgeable about their pieces. :s